Sunday, April 26, 2015

Week of Workouts

What have I been up to in the world of "training" lately? Having fun! I have no races on the horizon, which kind of makes me crazy. This probably won't last long. But I do have to say it's really nice. Especially since for the past couple of years, I've always had something - marathon in January 2014, many half marathons last spring, my half ironman, 3 Ragnars this past year.....

My new job gives me a lot of flexibility with my workouts. I only have to be into the office early on Tuesday and Thursday, so other days of the week I don't have to be in until 8:30-9am. I feel like I have so much extra time!

 My workout plan changes every week, but I have goals I like to maintain weekly and that is:
  • 2-3 weight training sessions
  • 3 runs (1 speed workout, 1 longer run)
  • 1 cross training day
  • 1 rest day
I have been doing this plan since November, and I feel like it's the perfect balance to keep me healthy, injury-free, and engaged! Always changing it up - so I never get bored.

Here's a sample:

Last Week's Training

Monday: Weight training -shoulders + 4 mile run
Tuesday: 6 mile run (this wasn't intended to be a speed workout, but I maintained a 7:40/mile pace!)
Wednesday: Rest day (took puppy for a long walk in the evening)
Thursday: Biked 27 miles
Friday: Weight training - chest and triceps + 3 miles speed workout - (my favorite speed workout, actually! Highly recommend this if you want to get fast on a 5K!)
-800 m warm-up
-1 mile - (10 seconds faster than goal 5K pace)
-Recover 1 min
-4 x 400 m (20 seconds faster than goal 5K pace)
-30 sec recovery between each
-1 mile (10 seconds faster than goal 5K pace) -- this is really hard to maintain!
Saturday: 7.5 mile (hilly) run
Sunday: Weight training - back + 2 mile easy run

Do you have certain goals you like to hit every week for training? Do your days of the week look the same, or do you change it up every week?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, that is impressive that you could hold a 7:40 pace for 6 miles! You are so speedy! Each week I try to get 3 runs in, 1-2 strength training sessions, 1 bike ride or yoga, and then a full rest day. I haven't been doing any doubles lately but that will probably change this summer.

I'm not really training for anything right now as my next race is my sprint tri in August but the training for that will coincide with marathon training so it will be a little bit interesting... when I start tri training in June, I think my ST workouts have drop down to one since I'll have to fit in swimming and biking...

Marlys said...

I'm happy your new schedule for work allows you more time in the morning to get your workouts done.
This looks like a do-able routine!