Friday, May 15, 2015

Finally Friday!

Happy Friday!!! Finally!!! This week dragged for me. So much stuff to get done around the house. I feel like I need 12 hours to just "regroup".

The high of my week was I'm going to jump ahead and say that my high is going to be Friday night's date night! I have been in dire need of a date with Ryan, and Friday night after I get off work -- he is taking me out! :)

The low of my week was dealing with some "difficult" personalities. That's all I'm going to say. That can really put a "damper" on one's mood!

My favorite outfit was Wednesday's outfit. I get a deal of criticism from a coworker about my choice of attire. They choose to wear scrubs, and I choose to wear business attire. (other people throughout my hospital with my same role wear business attire, as well.)

 At my old job, I would wear pencil skirts about 3 days/week. They've sat in my closet since I started this new job out of feeling self conscious. But this week I remember something "Since when do I give a flip what people think about my clothes??!!" So I rocked my pencil skirt with prideful professionalism!!

For my workouts, I completed: Monday - Rest day
Tuesday - 6 mile track workout (800 warm up, 2x400, 2x800, 2x1600, 2x800, 2x400, 800 cool down)
Wednesday - Weight lifting  (shoulders) + 20 min tabata/Plylometrics
Thursday - 8 mile HILLY run
planned (I'm writing this Thursday night)
Friday - Weight lifting (back & biceps)+ 30 min swim
Saturday - Long hike
Sunday - 6 mile run or 30 mile bike ride

The best money I spent was deposit on another scuba trip for Memorial Day weekend :)

My plans this weekend include: Friday night Ryan and I are trying out a restaurant called "Five Palms". Saturday we are going hiking, taking Miles to obedience school, doing some shopping, and going to a birthday party at a friend's house. Sunday we will go to church, go biking or running, and spend the day bbq'ing and cooking!

How was your week??


Marlys said...

You look awesome in that attire! It is so hard not to let what people say about us affect what we do so I'm glad you took your own advice and wore what you wanted!
Sounds like a busy but fun weekend!
Missing you!

Amber said...

You are totally rocking that pencil skirt! That really sucks someone was rude enough to make a comment about your attire.

Have a wonderful weekend and date night!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That sucks that your coworker makes comments about what you wear. It's none of her business! You look great in that pencil skirt. You are so tan, by the way!!

Enjoy your date night tonight. Phil and I are in need a real weekend date night as a lot of our weekends/nights lately have involved manual labor.. But hopefully we can fit one in Memorial Day weekend.

Back to unpacking for me... Have a great weekend! And that is exciting that you have another scuba trip planned!

deeps said...

enjoy your weekend..relax, regroup