Friday, May 8, 2015

Week Highlights

I'm stealing this idea from my sister, because I think it's a fun way to wrap up and reflect the week! And sometimes I'm not so creative about blogging ;)

The high of my week was attending a going away party to a friend of mine who is moving to Germany Monday. She will be dearly missed. But it was so much fun to celebrate new beginnings. And I got to reconnect with the nurses and doctors from my old job - and I have to say my heart is heavy! I miss them so much!

I've worked with this guys since I started my career in nursing, and they've all played integral parts in who I am - and have become great friends along the way.

The low of my week was paying all my bills from the multiple doctor's appointments I had 2 weeks ago! I had a massive sinus infection, so am very pleased I'm feeling better. But I really do not enjoy spending my hard-earned money on that.

The book I’m reading is ....... I really don't think I could even say I'm reading a book right now. How sad is that?! I have severely falling off the "reading wagon", and desperately need to get back on. All I read these days are journals from the "American Thoracic Society".

For my workouts, I completed: Monday I ran to a park 2 miles from my house, did sprints & push-ups on the soccer field (5 miles ran total). Tuesday I rested. Wednesday I lifted weights (back) and ran 4 miles. Thursday I did an 8 mile trail run. Friday I lifted shoulders. Saturday I plan to run 7 miles. Sunday I will lift weights and swim!

The best money I spent was my "Friday latte". My clinic is located in the School of Medicine @ the U of A. And on Friday's they host a Farmer's Market.  I splurged today and enjoyed a delicious latte from a local barista!

My plans this weekend include: Running with my girlfriends in the morning, taking puppy to obedience school, doing lots of baking for several parties, celebrating a girlfriend's 40th bday, attending a Mother's Day Brunch at another friend's house, and hopefully getting some relaxation by the pool!

This week flew!!! I cannot believe it's already the weekend. I am not complaining ;)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Sounds like you had a great week! I know that heavy feeling of missing coworkers from a previous job. It's bittersweet to move onto a new opportunity as the people you worked with before can be like a family. It's tough to stay in touch since everyone is so busy so it's nice to have events like the one you attended this week to bring everyone back together!

Sounds like you have a fun weekend on deck! Enjoy all of the baking!!

Marlys said...

Wow, that was a busy week but sounded like fun, too! I know you worked your tail off on Saturday baking and so happy it all turned out great! Leaving old friends is never easy so I'm happy you had a chance to reunite!