Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Currently: July edition!

Reading: "The Luckiest Girl Alive" - it is a similar thriller type like Gone Girl. It's a really sad, maddening, interesting book! Good, easy summer read!

Thinking: About where I want to be in 5 years. Geographically and career-wise. Ryan and I are sort of stumped on this one.

The other night we were out shopping, and talking about this conundrum. And I took Ryan into the toy aisle, and we looked for a "Magic 8 Ball" to get some answers. Unfortunately, Magic 8 Ball's are not common toys these days ;)

Frustrated: I can't say I have any major frustrations right now. Life is pretty good ;)

Feeling: Energized. I feel like things are going really well with my new job right now. I'm really enjoying my training (running/biking training, that is). It's fun to be excited to wake up every morning!

Anticipating: This long weekend. I don't care what we do. I've just happy to have 3 days to ourselves!

Eating: Major dietary change I've made lately? Protein for breakfast. I am a cereal and greek yogurt kind of girl. And have forced myself to start eating eggs, protein shakes, etc for breakfast. Tough for me, as cereal is so easy!

Sad: That we won't be doing anything special for the 4th of July.

For one, I'm super sad to be away from my family during this time. We were going to try to go to San Diego or do a camping trip....but Ryan has had the wake up call that having a full time job + part time pilot + grad school -- weekends need to be "study, study, study". I'm trying really hard to be a good, supportive sport on this one. But I must admit it kind of sucks!)

Working: On so many different projects right now. I love projects. And in order to make myself the "well-liked new girl"....I offered myself up to do A LOT of "stuff" over the past few months. It is now catching up to me! But that's okay, because I love what I'm doing.

Grateful: For my weekends. I've never had a job that I got weekends off. People told me, "Oh it's not that great." or "You're going to miss having days off during the week". Let me tell you, I don't. I love having stability in my schedule and having my weekends off!

Listening: To a lot of Dave Matthews Band lately. Something about summer makes me do that

Wishing: This monsoon season gives us tons of rain! It's so freaking hot and humid right now, we desert rats deserve some rain!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'm surprised to read that you are thinking about where you want to be in 5 years geographically! I kind of thought you guys were locked into Tucson for the long term... but I bet it's fun to ponder where you might want to be in 5 years!

I hope you guys get some rain soon. I know that heat is getting beyond old for you as it seems like your hot season started early! We've had a good mix of rain and warm weather so I am hoping that July is a repeat of June!!!

We will miss you guys this weekend. :( I am glad you get a long weekend, though. I hope Ryan isn't too busy with the studying so you can fit some fun things in. I am still amazed at all that he has on his plate - it just sounds so overwhelming to me as I struggled to balance working full time + grad school so I can't imagine having to fly on top of that!! He's a machine.

Marlys said...

Like Lisa said, it is amazing to me how much Ryan has on his plate! I hope you gets some type of stress relief from time to time, like camping on Mt. Lemon! Take care of that man! And I hope you can fill your alone times with fun and enjoyable things, too!
We will definitely miss you two this weekend! I remember two years ago when you were able to be here and helped throw numerous nephews and cousins off the swim raft in the immense heat of that day! And I know Ryan enjoyed helping with the fireworks display! We will think of you and toast you with a margarita! Or a gin & tonic! Or rhubarb slush!
Happy 4th of July! I wish our country could celebrate it's independence like it used to be as I truly feel our freedoms are being wiped away!