Monday, June 29, 2015

Mount Lemmon Camping: A much needed escape

My blogging has been a little MIA lately. The way I've been setting up my life lately, it leaves very little time for blogging.

**I refuse to make statements like "I'm too busy to ______". That's not the truth. I just have been choosing to fill every hour of the day with other things ;) #stopsayingyourtoobusy #biggestpetpeeve

Ryan and I have not seen much of each other, either. I sound like a broken record, repeating this statement over and over again. But it's the truth. For the past month, we have been planning a camping trip with 2 other couples up to Mount Lemmon, and it couldn't have come at a better time!

To me, there is nothing more therapeutic than driving 1 hour up the mountain to cool weather, disconnecting from world, and spending 100% of your time in the great outdoors!

When we pulled out of our driveway Friday morning, the temperature was 105 degrees (at 11:00 am). When we reached our campsite, it was 74 degrees F.


Here's our weekend through photos:

 Once we arrived, we got right to setting up our camp! We choose not to do a campground this time, as we have found some lovely clearings in the forest with incredible views! It's so peaceful to not be at a campground around loud, drunk, cackling people (if you camp, you know what I'm talking about!)
I had took a very happy selfie :) It was so nice to be in cool temps and surrounded by pines...

We were "leading" the trip, and had 2 other couples coming. So we wanted to make sure we had a good spot with the best views! I think we succeeded ;)

Once the camp was set up, we opened a beer, and went for a leisurely hike.


"A boy and his dog"
Just as our other friends were getting in, a monsoon (aka AZ storm) started to roll in. Here I am modeling my very fashionable poncho.
Luckily it only rained for about 1 hour, and our tent stayed dry!

We spent the evening cooking and hanging out around the campfire. It was perfect!
Cooking is one of my favorite parts of camping. I didn't get any photos, since it was already dark. But we made teriyaki chicken breasts & foil packets of potatoes & carrots cooked over the fire! Mmm...
Saturday morning, I was the 1st one awake. Of course.
Well, Miles and I both were ready to awaken. This was his 1st camping trip, and he did amazing! Luckily, he isn't a "barker". He was happy as can be the whole time.
We snuck out of the tent, and went for a little hike with the sunrise!

Pictures don't come close to doing justice!

Our little "campground" was silent :)
Once everyone was awake, I fired up the grill and made breakfast burritos & coffee. (**Starbucks vias make some amazing camping coffee by the way...)
And then we headed out for a group hike!
I think this could be considered our 1st "family picture"
The rest of the afternoon was spent playing ladder ball, catching up, and enjoying some drinks while the boys gathered & chopped wood.
All they had was a small hatchet & a saw. It was quite entertaining to watch the "testosterone fest" as they hacked and grunted while cutting up pine :D

This was a great picture to sum up the evening. Tons of laughter!

Miles liked the beer, too.

(don't worry, he didn't really drink it. He just likes licking the empty bottles)
Another storm rolled in in the evening, so we all retreated to our tents. Which is kind of awesome to "have to" retreat to your tent, and bundle in your sleeping bag!
Sunday morning after packing up, 4 of us headed out for one last hike. We hiked Marshall Gulch trail, which is an amazing 5 mile loop!
Below is not an optical illusion! The trees are all seriously bent this way towards the sun! Amazing, isn't it?!

After our hike, we worked up appetites, and headed to "The Cookie Cabin in a town called Summerhaven. They make home-made pizzas and made-to-order cookies. We enjoyed "The Rachel" - which is a cookie made of butterscotch, coconut, and oatmeal. It's served fresh out of the oven. And is to die for!
Here's a picture of their cooked I found on their website. If you are ever in Tucson, and you make your way up Mount Lemmon...these cookies are a MUST after your hike!
We came home feeling happy and satisfied. Pictured below is a good description of how we felt last night...
I love camping :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am so glad that you guys got a chance to escape for a week and spend lots of quality time together outdoors - and in cooler temps! Sounds like you had such a fun weekend. I am glad that Miles is a good camper - it is helpful that he does not bark! That's awesome. I love that picture of the trees bending toward the sun! So pretty.

Marlys said...

Lots of greata pictures and it shows what a great weekend you had! So happy that Miles is a great camper! Your morning walk pictures were beautiful!
I can only imagine how great 74 felt compared to 105!

Jenny said...

That looks like it was heaps of fun. Its been too long since I last went camping, something I will definitely have to remedy this summer.

Andita Rfynt said...

spend quality time together is one of my favorite too. it seems like you got a lot of fun there. i like it! i newly write an article about my traveling journey in traditional village