Thursday, September 17, 2015

I'm baaack! Life as it is now

I have been a bit absent from my blog lately. And I keep trying to sit down to do a Hawaii Recap post, but haven't been able  to get the pictures together to do that. But I promise that will be coming soon!

Instead I think I'll give a generalized recap of life as it is.

Mid July, Ryan decided to revisit of dream of his that has persisted since he was about 9 years old - to become an F-16 fighter pilot. On August 4 he turned 28, which is the cut-off year for applying for this position. Once you turn 30, they no longer train pilots to fly '16's.

He also has been balancing a full time engineering career, with a part time flying career with the Air Force that puts him working 14-20 days in a row sometimes. That's not a really "long term" approach to living a happy and fulfilled life. He has grown a lot of gray hairs over the past year, and he's only 28!

So to the drawing board we went. And decided it would be best he pursues this lifelong dream.

Things moved rather quickly, and 2 weeks ago we got the call and accepted a position as F16 Pilot in Sioux Falls, SD. Which means we will be 3 HOURS from my family!!!!

I cannot even put to words how thrilled I am!

But this won't happen overnight.

We have a few years of uncertainty - moving from one training base to the next until we will finally end  up in our new "home" of South Dakota.

It's kind of strange at this point to think that I have NO idea where I'll be living in 9 months. But, we will find out soon enough.

If you can remember our 5-month stint in the "Air Force Inn hotel" in San Antonio, Texas.....this will be similar! So back to lots of crock-pot and hot-plate cooking from our hotel room! :)

What I've really learned about myself through all this, is this is exactly what I what. Ryan and I are not big on "anchoring" ourselves. We thrive off change, adventure, and uncertainty. It's kind of thrilling to think that I don't know where I'll be living, working, etc in a few months!

I assume I'll outgrow this stage as I age. But I kind of hope that's not the case.

In the meantime, I am really focusing on getting as much out of AZ as possible. (And getting our house ready to sell).

I've got a crazy couple weeks coming up - but their full of all good things!

Stay tuned for more....hopefully I won't be absent so long this time ;)

Do you get a thrill from life changes? What's your favorite thing to make in the crockpot?


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am SO EXCITED that you guys are moving back to the midwest! It will be amazing to see you guys more often and have you at more holidays and family celebrations!

I honestly do not thrive off of change. I enjoy recreational adventures, but not real like ones. I was going to say that it's because I am older now but I think this is always how I have been... I like my comfort zone and planning and knowing what to expect... so I applaud you for being so versatile and flexible! I am sure it helps to know that all the changes ahead are putting you on a path to Ryan's dream job!

And my favorite thing to make in the crock pot is either beef in pomegranate sauce or a turkey chili recipe!

Marlys said...

Words don't describe how excited we are for you to be moving so close to "home"! It will be great to see you more often, but we will miss coming to AZ to visit in the winter. I doubt we will see you beautiful home again, but sure did enjoy it when we were there! You are quite the pair and accept change and adventure so easily! I am sure it makes it easier for Ryan when you are so willing to uproot like that. I think it is easier to do when you don't have children, but then it becomes more complicated. I just hope you don't get too tired of cooking on a hot plate and microwave for all those months after having such a great kitchen to cook in! But time does go quickly and you will survive!
My favorite things to make in the crockpot are soups and baked beans!

Amber said...

That is so exciting you will be so much closer to family so soon! And the next few years with all the changes will be fun too since you guys have such a great attitude about it!

I enjoy change, but maybe not the HUGE changes you guys regularly go through! Life has felt a bit stagnant for us lately since we did the whole university for me, travel, university for him, travel thing and in there we also bought a house and got some new jobs. Now we've been more "settled" for the last year or so and I am constantly asking myself 'what's next' so working on just being happy with what IS is something I'm working on right now!