Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Lifetime Tempe Tri: My 1st Olypic Distance Triathlon

So if you've followed my blog, you'd learn that I've done the triathlon's kind of backwards. I started with a sprint tri. I then progressed to an Half Iron Man. And last weekend I did an Olympic Tri.
Usually people don't "dive" into the HIM until they feel "semi" experienced with triathlons! But I crave crazy.
Now after completing these 3 distances, I must say the Olympic Distance is amazing! It is long enough to feed my crazy. But it's short enough that I can push myself and not feel like dying afterwards!
I can drink the free "post race Michelob Ultra" ;)
Because I'm not vomiting.
(After my HIM, I was hunched over vomiting post race. For a long time.)
I have to say this race was one of the most fun races I've ever done! Just such a good weekend. I'll let the pictures tell you my story.....
Here is my bed as I packed for the race. There is so much stuff to pack for a tri. Wetsuit (which I couldn't use because the water was 83 degrees), goggles, swim suit, body glide, cycling shoes, socks, cycling jersey, bike shorts, helmet, water bottles for bike ride, sunglasses, bike bag (w/ spare tubes, pump, tools), running shoes, running hat, water bottle before run, gu packet, electrolyte chews......
Oh! And a bike!

We headed to Phoenix Saturday to drop our gear, check out the expo, and celebrate our Irish belle Mairead's birthday! We celebrated her day at an Irish pub in Tempe called Rula Bula. Great "pre-race food". I had a chicken-basil sandwich and a Blonde beer! Good carbs!
We went out for a scoop of ice cream for desert, and were back at our hotel by 7:15 pm. This was perfect to get our gear all laid out. We got all our pre-race silly giggles out, and were sound asleep by 9 pm!
I took Melatonin pre-race this time. The past few big races I've done, I haven't slept a wink. So I was so grateful for my Melatonin this time!
We were wide awake and excited by 4 am, and ready to race! We had a light breakfast of oatmeal with slivered almonds and agave nectar. Lots of electrolytes, too. We knew it was going to be in the 100's during the race. All week was spent pumping those fluids!!
Here I am at the transition! I also have to sport something "Ragnar " at every race...

I love the energy of transition! So many people! So many expensive bikes and pretty tri suits! 
We had to put a tattoo on our arm and leg for identification. Here we are sporting our "badass tat's"

Here I am getting ready for my swim! I look so naked! Was supposed to have a wetsuit. But weather changed that up! I was still out of the 1500 m swim in 38 minutes. I'll take it!

Swim was great! It was my 1st tri where I found a "rhythm". I didn't let the people grabbing my legs, arms, butt, and goggles bother me. I found a good alteration between breathing and sighting. They let about 100 people into the water at a time. Which helped space it out.
Here I am running out of the lake to my bike! I was so happy to be done with my swim!
I look really angry in this bike photo. I don't love my bike. Especially since I purchased it for $400. In opposed to most racer's $10,000 bikes.
This was taken during my last 10 miles of the bike. Much happier here!

The run was HOT. It was 102 F while we ran. Most people walked. I only let myself walk the aid stations. I grabbed ice cubes at the aid stations, and stuffed them into my swimming suit and armpits. #lifesaver. I'm going to be honest and say, I passed hundreds of people. It was pretty cool. Being a runner pays off in a tri!
I averaged an 8:40/mile pace. Nothing pretty. But for 102 degrees after biking 25 miles and swimming 1500 m, I'll take it!
Here are my finish line photos!
This was a race where when I crossed, I literally had NOTHING left!

I finished in 3:11. I really wanted to break 3 hours, but didn't. I would like to think that cooler temps would help? But I think I could have trained better. I only swam 3 times to prepare. There is always next time!
I was very happy post race and feeling super accomplished!

Here we are celebrating post race! Beers and shots of Jameson.
Next up? 75 mile bike race at the El Tour de Tucson. Tucson Half Marathon. Phoenix Marathon.
Good things coming up!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Congrats on a successful tri! I think that you did so awesome! The weather conditions were definitely not optimal so I bet you'll improve your time when you get a chance to race in cooler temps. I think you look great in your race photos - I just look pissed or focused in all of mine. ;) You definitely rocked that swimsuit - you look amazing Abby!

Marlys said...

Yup, you do look amazing! And that was an awesome time, and you sere so close to being under 3! When is your 75 mile bike race? And I hope the Phoenix marathon is during cooler temps. It wears me out to hear you racing plans - oofta!

It looks like you four had an awesome experience! Bravo!