Sunday, December 20, 2015


Reading: Bittersweet by Colleen McCullough -- it's about 4 sisters post-WWI, who decide to enroll in the 1st ever "RN program" together so they can live their own dreams and have a career. So far it's a great book!

Thinking: About how I will keep sane during our 27 hour drive to Minnesota this week. (We have to bring our dog, because my brother is going to take him for the next few years while Ryan is doing all his training). Any recommendations on good e-books? We are signing up for audible.

Frustrated: **Cue broken record** -- That we don't have any information for when we are going to be moving, how we will be moving, whether we will have a home/apartment/hotel room, or any of the details regarding pilot training.

So all I can do is take a deep breath, and let it be. 

Feeling: Relieved that I got my 18 mile run done this morning. One of my girlfriends joined me for the full run, and 2 others joined us for 14. It was windy, cold, and extremely hilly - but the miles flew by with good company and we all piled into a booth at Starbucks to warm up afterwards!

I am so grateful for those ladies!

Anticipating: Our trip home this week!! I haven't seen my Dad, and nieces/nephews, and some of my siblings in a year. So excited to spend time with everyone!

Sad: With all the turmoil in our world these days. I can't even begin to come up with an answer or solution - all I can do is pray....

Working: With my NP & doctors on an abstract to submit @ ATS (American Thoracic Society). I have to say my favorite part of my current job is the research, data collection, and writing. Academic hospitals have their challenges, but I love the opportunities to learn and grow!

Grateful: The list could go on forever. A loving relationship with my husband. The strong group of supportive friends I surround myself with. The ability to buy any food I want to cook at the grocery store. My family who are always there to love me.

Listening: To a descent amount of Christmas music these days. I know a lot of people cringe at the thought of Christmas music. Living in a climate with cactus, palm trees, and sunshine -- something has to get me in the spirit!

Wishing: That when we put our house on the market in 2 weeks, that is sells within the 1st 10 days! Hah!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

The only audiobook I listened to this past year was Amy Pohler's and I have a feeling that Ryan wouldn't be a fan of that one! Maybe check out a book that won an 'Audie award' which is the award for best audio books:

I hope your house sells fast so you don't have to put up with showings for long! And I've be frustrated that you don't have details on your move either! I have heard that the military is AWFUL when it comes to things like that. A college friend was living in Germany and thought they were moving to Hawaii and had all their preparations made and then like 2 weeks before they moved they found out it changed to San Diego. Sounds like you have to become quite good at rolling with the punches and dealing with uncertainty when you are in the military (which are 2 things I'm AWFUL at!!)

Can't wait to see you on Friday night!!!! Safe travels!!

Marlys said...

I am amazed at how well you adapt to changes in your life with such ease as I, too, like to know where I will be in the next year, and how I'm going to live!
I know what you mean about military life, as your Dad & I were going to get married and your Dad already had an apartment rented for us to live in Rhode Island, and they decided to send him to Vietnam to a ship that was already there, so we changed our wedding date and he left 5 days after we were married! The best part was that he didn't have to spend a year there as the ship returned at the end of May and then they settled him in Norfolk VA! But then the Mideast Crisis was stirring and he got sent there abruptly several times so our life in the Navy was always a challenge! He left on a cruise 9 days after Chad was born but at least he was there for the birth!
I am so dang excited to see you and Ryan even though we just saw you in October, but it is always great to be together!
I hope you find a great book or two to listen to. Your Dad & I would listen to classics as we knew that was one way we would "read" them, and really did enjoy that!
Your job sounds really challenging and interesting, too! You can fill in the details as we cook together on Wednesday & Thursday!

Jenny said...

Merry Christmas! Hope the journey is an enjoyable one and you have a wonderful time with your family. All the best for your move, wherever it may be :)