Monday, January 11, 2016

Changing It Up

I've made a significant change in my fitness over the past few months, and have been waiting to blog about it until I knew for sure it stuck. ;)

My prioritization for exercise for the past few years:
1) Running
2) Weight training (heavy weights - fast-paced circuits)
3) Biking/swimming (but this is only a priority when I have a triathlon on my plate)

I decided it was time for a change, when a few months back I felt like a rest day was never enough. To be honest, I was in pain. Sometimes sitting at my desk at work, I'd almost be in tears because my back and legs hurt so bad. It wasn't that I was injured, my muscles just ached.

I was doing a lot of weight lifting in addition to triathlon training. And my weight training was more along the lines of "crossfit/power-lifting". I felt heavy, bulky, and just blah!

Step 1 -- reinvent the wheel. I decided to stop my gym membership. That's a creative way to "get the body you want", huh?! ;)

Here is what my current fitness regimen changed to:
1. Run 4 days per week,  following my marathon training schedule: 1 long run, 1 moderately paced run, 1 speed work out, and 8-10 mile hilly run.
2. Yoga 2-3 times/week. I've been trying to incorporate a bikram/hot yoga into this as well. #gamechanger Yoga has opened my hips and transformed my body. I feel taller, lighter, leaner, and it is so good for my mind.
3. At home weight training 1-2 days/week. I use 10 lb weights, resistance bands, and foam rollers -- and it kicks my butt!

My hips no longer hurt. My legs aren't swollen. I feel like myself again. This isn't a blog post stating that heavy weight lifting is bad. But it just isn't for me! In addition to all the benefits to how I feel, my running pace has decreased as well! Win win!

What is your fitness regimen? Have you ever had to make a drastic change to your system? 


Amber said...

Oh I'm so glad your new regime is working out so much better for you! I'm sure the long distance running and triathlon training + heavy/power style lifting was just too much for your body. I am actually trying out something new as well - I'm doing a 60 day Barre challenge where I do 3 barre classes a week for 60 months. I am interested to see how the small, targeted movements change my body! I will still do 1-2 days a week of regular strength training, 2-3 runs per week and my goal will be at least 1 yoga class per week. Yoga has been a game changer for me since I started doing it 5 years ago and I really really can feel it in my body now if I don't go to yoga for awhile.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad that the changes you are making have worked for you. You look great and are so fit so it's clearly working. And most importantly, it's good that you are not in pain anymore!

My fitness regimen is very similar to yours. I run 3 days a week, sometimes 4 depending on the time of year, strength train a couple of times a week and try to go to 3-4 yoga classes a week. Going to yoga has been a game changer for me as well as it really develops your core muscles and upper body strength. I can already see a difference in my upper body. I used the Christmas money from mom and dad to buy a heart rate monitor and it's been interesting to use it. For instance, in a power flow class, I burn anywhere from 320-380 calories, depending on who the instructor is as that impacts the intensity. That was surprising to me as I thought it would be way lower!

Keep up the great work, Abs! I think you look amazing, beautiful and strong!!

Marlys said...

Keep up the great work, Abs! I think you look amazing, beautiful and strong!!
I had to copy & paste Lisa's remarks because they are so true! I am glad you changed your routine as being in pain like that had to be awful!
I am back to my "old lady" exercise routine after a break over Christmas, so am happy about that! One day I do a 30 minute walking routine and the next I do a weight lifting / floor exercise routine but only use 3 - 5 lb weights. It works for me!