Saturday, January 16, 2016

Nice to meet you, 2016. 10 Crazy Days!

As I recapped in my "Thank you, 2015" post, that was a pretty amazing year. My biggest goal was to make 2016 more exciting and happy than 2015.

I think we are off to a good start. We kicked off New Years weekend with a bang. I started NYD with a 20 mile run with my girlfriends, and then Ryan and I headed to Star Pass Resort for a weekend of relaxation, hiking, good food, and rejuvenation!

But this post is to focus on literal this 10 day span, because I cannot believe how much as happened.

Let me set the scene:

Ryan is working night shift on random days (sometimes he is Monday - Friday, sometimes he is Wednesday - Sunday, sometimes he is Monday-Tuesday-Friday-Saturday-Sunday). You get the jist. It's all over the place and we are ships passing in the night.

In fact, I met a friend for brunch today and I was a few minutes late. And my reason was "I met Ryan on the street and hadn't actually talked to him since Thursday - so we stopped in the street to hug and discuss plans".... 

So weird!

Today is January 16, I would say the real "craziness" started January 6.

January 6: Wednesday - House officially went on the market
January 7-10 - We had a minimum of 4 showings on the house every day. Remember when I said Ryan is working nights? So I would get up 20 minutes earlier than 4:40am. Put away the toaster and all those other "cluttery" items, do my workout, go to work. Ryan would get home around 9:30 am, sleep for ~1 hour, and then have to leave the house for a series of showing (deliriously exhausted).
January 11: Monday - We got a cash offer on the house. We countered the offer.
January 12: Tuesday - We received a counter to our counter....and we accepted.
January 13: Wednesday - Final paperwork submitted on the counter-counter (ha!). I had a interview at 6:30 am (since the company I'm interviewing with is on EST). Because, remember, we are relocated to a new state in a few months and I wanted to be proactive in securing a job for that phase.
January 13: Wednesday afternoon - I am offered the job. We are also notified that the closing date for our home will be February 11, which is very soon. I am then told that my start date needs to be on February 7, and I need to go to Florida for 2 weeks.

What does this mean?! --

From January 6 to January 16.....We have:

  • Listed our house
  • Had approximately 29 showings on the house
  • 1 cash offer
  • We submitted a counter offer
  • They submitted a counter to our counter
  • We were informed closing date will be February 11 -- which is "holy s*** soon"!! 
  • I have interviewed for a new job (remember, we are relocated in a few months, and I was proactive and applied for a bunch of at-home-RN-case-manager jobs...thinking it would be miracle if I got an interview
  • I got a offer for the job - once which I couldn't say no to
  • I found out my mandatory start date/training will be in Florida for 2 weeks -- starting February 7.
  • Meaning I will miss our closing day.
  • Meaning the only day Ryan and I both have "off" together to move is January 30.
  • We have apartment shopped, and found a new "dwelling".
  • And now we are packing
  • I've met with my group of physicians, my group of managers, and a group of HR folks - and negotiated a "PRN position" for my current job. 
  • I have come to terms that I cannot do my February 14 marathon, as I will be in Florida for training during that time.
Holy exciting! Holy stressful! Holy "my head is spinning". How is this all happening at once? I'm not sure. But it will make our relocation a hell of a lot easier when that time comes. 

I have been dreaming of landing a "work from home RN job" for a long time, so I am feel pretty stoked that this is all falling into place! I cannot wait for the autonomy, flexibility, and adventure that lies ahead! 

If you don't see me around this blog for a couple of weeks, that's because we will be a *bit* pre-occupied! 

Hope your 2016 is full of happiness, growth, and excitement as well!

All I have to say is I am SO glad that I've found yoga over the past few months. I find the only time I can really "exhale" right now is savasana pose! 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Dang. When you list it out like that, it's crazy! You guys have had a whirlwind couple of weeks. I remember that feeling of "holy shit the world is spinning too fast" when I was in the midst of my Charlotte move and making all these huge impactful decisions and I felt like I was just 'buzzing' if that makes any sense. I am so glad that things are coming together for you guys, though, and that you have some big questions answered like, "will our house sell? Will I find a new job?" I will be thinking of you guys over the next couple of weeks and wish I lived close so I could come and help you pack!

I'm so excited that you found a job that you'll be able to keep for the next several years as you move around for Ryan's training!!!!!

Barb Geier said...

Wow!!! Congratulations! Hope to see you when you are in Florida.

Jenny said...

This is all such great news! It's a lot of great news all at the same time though so I totally get the whole head spinning thing. Best of luck with the packing and job training :)

Marlys said...

My head spins when I think of all you are going through, and more so because of Ryan's schedule! In another six weeks you should be feeling some stress relief, but I know the next month will be a whirlwind for you! I, too, wish we lived closer so I could help you pack. But when you are packing things that you won't need for the next few years, remember you will unpack them in the midwest! YEAH!

I am sorry you can't run the marathon you have been working so hard for, and hope you find another one soon so you don't have to start retraining!

Hang on to your hat and enjoy the ride!

Amber said...

Holy moly!!! That is INSANE. I don't know how you're still alive and functioning haha. That's good your house sold so quickly and you didn't have to deal with it sitting on the market for days but wow, what a crazy 10 days!!! Thank goodness for yoga is right.