Thursday, January 14, 2016

Writing Project: Landmark Events

I'm going to continue with my "writing project", and today the theme is "landmark events". This is fitting theme for the week. I'm not ready to share the big news, but let me just say my head is spinning from a VERY BIG week! 

  • Write about your first crush. 
    • My 1st crush was a boy at the lakes. Name: Alex. He was "good looking" (for a 12 year old), funny, rebellious, and he had no curfew. Thank you, Mom & Dad, for being so strict and giving me a curfew!! Sometimes I play a little game with myself, and think about what life would be like if these crazy "crushes" from my youth would have persisted. How different my life would be.  That is all I'm going to say! (LOL!)
  • Write about your first week in college.
    • Exciting!  I could not wait to get out of Wyndmere, ND!! I was making new friends every day, my classes were so exciting and interesting. Coming from a high school class of 24 to class sizes of >300 was invigorating for this small town girl.
    • But I'm not going to say it was all easy and fun. Some of you may know that I was in the trenches of an eating disorder when I 1st attended college. I remember getting settled into my dorm room and heading out for a run around campus (of course) -- and having a car full of "college girls" yell some very abusive comments about my weight at me. It was kind of a 'wake up call' - that bullies don't go away when you graduate from high school. And that I was going to have to grow some thick skin! 
  • Write about your first job.
    • My 1st "real" job outside of helping with my parent's business was a waitressing job in Battle Lake, MN. I was a waitress/bartender. I worked my butt off and loved every second of it! Waitressing teaches you so much about working with other people, and work ethic. This job was truly enjoyable to me.
  • When did you feel truly independent for the first time?
    • I had been in Tucson about 3 weeks. I was struggling with finding a nursing school that wasn't going to put us in debt. I literally knew and trusted 1 person in a 1000 mile radius (Ryan). I hated everything about Arizona. I cried for hours every day. And I couldn't tell any of my family or friends back home -- because I didn't want anyone saying "I told you so!". And I had my 1st hit of reality that my parents were 1200 miles away. There was no way I was going to call them and ask for help -- not because they wouldn't help me (because they would have), but because I didn't want to fail at my independence. I had the pull it together, figure out a "plan B", and move forward! 
    • Moving away was not easy, and my heart has never been 100% in Arizona (hence why we are moving back to the Midwest). But I wouldn't change this decision. I learned and grew so much through this journey!
Feel free to join me on these recaps! When did you feel truly independent for the 1st time? Who was your 1st crush? Tell me about your 1st week of college. 


Marlys said...

Wow, this was a courageous post!
My heart goes out to anyone who is bullied but when it is your own child it is extremely painful. It was so hard to leave you at college when we knew you were struggling but am so thankful that you found someone who helped you through it.

I remember that "Alex" and how madly in love he was for a long time! Even when we moved across the lake from the campground, he would holler from their boat to you when they passed by! If I remember correctly, he was a little pudgy boy, right?

Your story about moving to AZ reminded me of when we moved to Virginia after we got married and how miserable lonesome I was. But, I too, learned so much from that experience and savor it in my heart. Growing up in a family of 8 children and living in a dorm or with at least 3 other good friends did not prepare me for the being totally alone when your Dad was out at sea, which he was frequently! I was so afraid of being alone that I actually nailed windows shut and would keep a butcher knife beside me when I was home alone. But we made great friends and eventually I felt comfortable.

In the scope of life, we learn that all experiences, good and bad, make us who we are, and going through difficulties strengthens us and makes us more compassionate to others.

Abby said...

No no no mom! That is not the Alex I am talking about!!!! Hahahahahaha! I don't think you ever met "this" Alex. LOL!

I can't imagine what it was like being in Virginia alone with a newborn like that! Plus you had the worry about dad, because in the war in those days there was no "Skype"! Just letters and prayers!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

These are fun to read! I will have to do this on my blog at some point!

My first crush that I can remember is on this guy that used to play basketball with Kevin. He was actually Jill Lanes' HS boyfriend and his name was Ronnie Krog. I remember that he came over to play basketball at our house and Kevin asked me to go get them water and I wanted to impress him so I put the water in these fancy glasses. I was really young at the time, though. Probably around 8-9.

My first week of college was awesome because, like you, I was so ready to bust out of Wyndmere. I quickly realized that I no longer had to hide the fact that I was good at school as being smart/driven was a good thing and people actually liked me.

I think I felt truly independent when I went to Australia as I was on my own on the other side of the world and did not really know anyone!

Marlys said...

Okay Abby, then I didn't know that one! Wasn't that the name of the boy who always called out your name when he passed by and was from Fairmount?