Tuesday, April 5, 2016

She's baaaack!

Greetings, blog. It has been a few months since I've graced you with my presence. Excuse? Well...

-we sold our house
-moved from a 3100 sq ft home to a 700 sq ft apartment
-I changed jobs
-I went to Florida for 2 weeks for training for my new job
-I came home and have been trying to work both jobs simultaneously
-We were preparing to move again in May, to start our journey to get back to the Midwest
-We had a early "mid-life crisis"

What does that mean? Well, we aren't moving any more. It looks as though we are in Tucson to stay. Just trust it's all for good reasons. Was it a hard decision? Words don't explain. Does it still have us scratching our head almost every night? 3/7 nights per week. But we both have the gut feeling we are doing the right thing here.

In the mean time, I've come up with all sorts of fun things to blog about. Here are a few posts you can look forward to:

-Downsizing: Why you don't need it all to have it all
-Work-From-Home Survival Tips
-How the Fitbit has changed my run.
-How Whole 30 is changing my health.
-How yoga helps your hike
-Paleo-approved backpacking meals
-A San Diego recap

In the meantime.....here are a few photos of what I've been up to so far in 2016!

Here is my aunt Marybeth & I in Venice, FL. I had training in Tampa for 2 weeks, so rented a car and headed down to see my "Florida Family". My mom has 4 siblings that are in Florida for parts of the year - and I was blessed to spend time with 3 of them! They were such gracious hosts, and I had an absolute blast catching up with them and seeing their beautiful dwelling!

The  day I got back from 2 weeks of training, I got to celebrate my birthday early in my annual "Heather-Abby Birthday bash!". This was our 3rd year. We had brunch at a lovely place called "The Living Room" and went to a customizable jewelry store and treated ourselves to some "glitz".

For our Christmas present, Ryan's dad treated us to a day of wine tasting in the Sonoita vineyards. The only day in a 3 month span that Ryan and I were 100% free was my birthday! What a great way to celebrate. If you're ever in AZ, I highly recommend checking out Sonoita. The countryside is absolutely stunning, and the wine is delicious! Great memories!

This is the best time in the year to hike is AZ - weather is sunny and pleasant but not too hot! So we have been taking advantage of this so much! Here we are hiking with our friends Kat & Mike, one of our favorite travel couples. They are equally "non-stop-adventure-centered" as we are, and we always have a great time!

And here Ryan and I are Easter weekend. I had some Southwest ticket vouchers, so we planned a quick trip on the fly to our favorite city: San Diego. More to come on that soon (if I can get back to blogging consistently!)

Thanks for stopping by...more to come soon!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

So far 2016 has been a crazy year for you! I'm looking forward to reading your posts about the topics you mentioned! I am glad that it's gone well to transition from a house to a small apartment. That is definitely a huge transition so I am glad it's been positive. I honestly cannot fathom having 3,000 sq ft because I've only lived in small spaces and Phil's house is small, too (around 1,200 sq ft)!

I'm sad you guys won't be moving back to the midwest but I'm glad you've reached a decision that you know is right for you and your futures!

Marlys said...

YEAH! You're back! Five mornings a week and I check this site and am overjoyed to have you back blogging! I, too, look forward to your posts and know the past few months have been a whirlwind of activity and emotions. Yes, we are so sad you aren't moving back "home" but know you have made the right decision and this gives us a great opportunity to visit the southwest in the winter!
I am looking forward to hearing more about the topics you mentioned!