Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Recap

I live for the weekends that Ryan is not working! His current schedule has him working 2 weeks on, and 2 weekends off. So we really try to pack in a lot!

This weekend we decided to really try to get a mix of fun and rest -- as we know the next couple of weeks are going to be insane!

Friday night he surprised me, and got tickets to see Gabriel Iglesia - aka "Fluffy". Such a good show! There is nothing more healthy for the soul than a comedy show, I always say! The concert was held at the "Ava Amphitheater" - which is at a casino west of town. It is actually a really cool venue - as the seating is out in the lawn and you are surrounded by mountains.

We went to our favorite Mexican food truck for some late night eats after the show: Karmelo King. I swear this is the best Mexican food I've ever eaten. 

Karamelo King: A food truck in a random parking lot in a shady part of town. They only come out at night. And you have to order in Spanish - or point to what you want.The sodas they serve are from Mexico. The women run the truck, the men run the grill - and they play mariachi music and yell at each other in Spanish.

It. Is. Awesome. And delicious ;)

Saturday morning I cooked and packed, while Ryan did homework. Then we headed to a friend's house for a pool day/BBQ. We came home and did some more packing, and watched Marley and Me - and I sobbed like a little girl.

Sunday morning: Ryan and I went to Reid Park -- which is a golf course in the middle of the city with a 3 mile running path around it. We did a 6 mile run together, and then walked over to Starbucks for some Americanos and shared a chocolate croissant.

Did you know that I have gawked at this croissant in the window for YEARS. (about 8 years to be correct, because that's how I've been drinking Starbucks). But never would order one - because I was being calorie conscious. Boy was I missing out all these years....

Life is too short to gaze at the croissant in the window.;)

Then we went to mass. Did some fun "Home Depot" shopping". The rest of the day was very "adulty" and quite lazy. We packed up about 5 boxes of kitchen items. Caught up on Orange Is The New Black (which we are getting semi-obsessed with), ordered pizza, and watched the 1st real monsoon swoop through Tucson!

Now the crazy begins - as we head into closing week! We signed our life away tonight. Tomorrow we do the final walk through. And while all this is going on - it's also the most stressful week of the year at my job because Medicare started their audit yesterday! I'm going to be so happy to kick my feet up Sunday night, when we are all moved into the new home! ;)

How was your weekend? What is your go-to indulgent treat? 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you treated yourself to that croissant! You work out so much and are so active, you definitely deserve treats like that! I am glad you guys had a fun-filled weekend together! You needed a weekend like that before the craziness of the week to come. I hope that your move goes smoothly!

I had a really great weekend, too. On Friday we went on a double date with another couple and went to our favorite Mexican taqueria for some really authentic Mexican food (wish I could try the food you guys had!) and then we went to a distillery and had some really fun cocktails. Saturday I biked to the gym and then did a bunch of stuff around the house before Matthew came over for the afternoon/evening. Sunday I went to mass, went to the gym, and spent most of the day outside doing things like going for a walk, working in my garden, and reading. It was blissful! Saturday was so crazy stupid humid but it was much better on Sunday so it was great to spend so much time outside!

Marlys said...

That Mexican food sounds so good! I bet it is fun to hear them holler at each other in Spanish! And that croissant sounds devine! Once in awhile we have to indulge and you sure can afford to once in awhile!
I know the next week or so is going to be hectic - hang in there!
Can't wait to see you in 9 days!

Amber said...

I LOVE chocolate croissants! And pair them with coffee -- so so good! Eric works Tues - Sat and I work Mon - Fri so we only get Sundays off together now and we definitely really try to savour those days and pack a lot into them so I know what you mean about savouring those rare times off together!