Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September "Currently"

Haven't done one of these since June, and I'm really trying to get better about writing/blogging! Here are my September's "currently's". I cannot believe the month is almost through!

Reading: 2 books. "City of Thieves" and "Saving Abby" I have hard enough time finishing 1 book, so doing 2 at the same time is not smart. But I was feeling an "easy" read last weekend while we were camping!

Thinking: About how to decorate our house. We have now been in it almost 3 months, and the walls remain very bare. I just want it perfect - and my style. And our new house is very unique. It is a mixture of Southwest Rustic and Modern. The kitchen is all stainless steel and white cabinets - raised ceilings. But there are rooms with adobe brick walls concrete flooring. I just have to keep looking and pinteresting until I find the right pieces!

I wish I was more creative....

Frustrated: With the pool company that started their job on the day we closed....and they still haven't finished it. Our pool works great- but the spa doesn't. And Ryan has asked them to come back 6 (seriously) different times.

Now they are resorting to not answering phones or returning our calls. I get extra pissed off, because my Dad ran a company and he never left his customers dissatisfied or unanswered like this! He cared about his customers and put them 1st! Why is it so hard to find good, honest, hard working people these days?! Rant complete.

Feeling: Content to have some monotony for a while. Sometimes "monotony" is a good thing. I feel like our life has been such a whirlwind this year I don't even know when or where I got on the roller coaster.

We both made career changes, we were going to move to the Midwest, we changed our minds, we sold our house, we relocated the dog, we decided to stay in Tucson, we bought a house, visited family 1 week later, worked on settling in, took a trip to Barbados, had Ryan's mom out for a week.

All these obviously super exciting wonderful things! But I'm kind of ready for some "routine". At least for a few weeks ;)

Anticipating: Getting our baby back. Our baby is the 2 year old Golden Retriever, Miles. We both miss him so much - my heart kind of aches for his loyalty, for our long walks, and for his every day enthusiasm to see me! He flies from MSP to PHX October 15! Wish him luck! ;) (haha!)

Sad:  Every time I turn on the tv. I'm not going to get political here. I just get sad with all the scary tough things going on. Our upcoming election. And the amount of hatred and ugly that seems to exist more and more these days....

Working: On a drainage project in our backyard. It is so much labor - and doesn't really deliver the aesthetics one would hope! But it's necessary. We live in rough desert - and every time it rains, our yard floods. So we have been hauling rocks (8 TONS, in fact), shoveling dirt, and making our yard drain properly so we can eventually look at p8tting in fruit trees and a garden!

It's a marathon...not a sprint ;)

Grateful: For running. I work from home at a computer all day. And that can be rather isolating. I am so grateful for my 5 am running girlfriends, to set my day right! For the past 5 weeks, I've been helping coach Junior high cross country with one of my running friends who is a teacher/head coach at a local school. Running with these kids, coaching them, teaching them the passion of running is such a good "release" after a day of sitting at a desk! I never ever saw myself in this environment - but I have to say I love it!Such a fun age group to work with!

Listening: To Amazon Music these days. They have a great music app that is all playlists, and lets you create playlists too! Everything Amazon impresses me!!

Wishing: The rains would come in like they are supposed to this week, and cool the air off! I am tired of 100 degree days or 80 degree evenings, and ready for some fall weather! :) 


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I haven't checked out Amazon Music - I should as it sounds cool!

I'm glad you guys are getting some monotony after a long stretch of things being really crazy!

I can't believe how crappy that pool company is! What is wrong with people? How can you run a business and be so unresponsive??

Marlys Dotzenrod said...

Your drainage project sounds like a load of work! I hope you finish it soon so you can make plans for the future! Shoveling in a dessert can't be much fun - yuck!
I do hope you get your pool fixed soon! Extremely frustrating, to say the least!
Good luck with decorating - I feel the same way you do! The walls at the lake are still bare and I don't want to just buy something to fill them up and haven't been shopping for those items much either. I am alwyas amazed that some people can completely decorate a home in a matter of weeks!
I will have to look into that Amazon app myself!

Amber said...

Monotony sounds nice after a long stretch of craziness!!! I am kind of feeling like I need some of that myself these days. Ha ha. I am going to start reading City of Thieves soon, I bought it when it was on sale on kindle the other day.