Sunday, December 11, 2016

December Fun: Weekend Happenings

What a great weekend this has been!! I absolutely love December and all the holiday parties, food, and fun. And being this was the only weekend Ryan had off -- we packed it full of good times!! 

We have a group of 5 really good friends/couples that have started a "dinner party group". Every month someone hosts the dinner party. The host makes the main dish, has a theme, and everyone brings a side dish/appetizer/dessert to complement! Friday night we hosted - and it was our 2nd party -- and it is so much fun!

Ryan and I decided to go with "Thai night", since that is our favorite cuisine to cook. We made Shrimp and Chicken Pad Thai. And I had to go to a special Asian grocery store (LeeLee's) to get the ingredients. So in other was the "real deal". It was SO good!

We didn't get any photos of us cooking or our food. But we did get a few photos post dinner of the game playing ;) We played the game "Watch Ya Mouth" - you will see the "prop" pictured below. If you haven't heard of or played this game...I highly recommend you "youtube" it. Hilarious! 

I made my mom's recipe for "Bailey's" to serve as a dessert drink...

Here is a our crew - missing 1 husband who was taking the picture

And here are the mouthpieces involved in the game. Pretty - I know...
We are a crew that usually ends our evenings by 9pm. All the women in this group meet at 5am most mornings to run. So we get tired! But Friday was a different story. And we ended up turning our living room into a dancefloor. And dancing to 70's-80's music until 2 am!! 
Notice the 631 calorie-burn, 2:16 minute "aerobic workout" that began at 10:35 pm Friday! LOL That was me dancing to Billy Joel....

Saturday Ryan headed to the hanger to help our friend Tom work on his airplane. And Miles and I headed to the trails. It was a beautiful 72 degrees - we enjoyed a nice day in the sun!

His tongue makes me smile!! 
I normally trail-RUN it was nice to hike it and enjoy!

After our hike - it was so beautiful outside, I spend some time poolside!

And Miles thought it was a good opportunity to hop on me and take a nap!

That evening we met our friends Kat and Mike attended "Winterhaven". Winterhaven is a neighborhood in Tucson that goes ALL OUT for the holidays, blocks off the streets at night from December 10-26, and serves hot cocoa. It was such a magical experience for all ages!

This house had the MOST LIGHTS! I think one would need to take dilantin (anti-seizure medication) to dwell here!

I LOVED this tree! And it changed colors every minute. And it was in someone's front yard! 

And finally...Sunday we relaxed a bit! I got up early and put in 10 miler with my friend Sharon. Then we went to church. The rest of the day was spent making fudge, working on Christmas cards, and making wings for the Dallas Cowboys game. 

My fudge isn't beautiful....but it tastes good! 

How was your weekend??? 


Marlys Dotzenrod said...

Wow, that was a jam-packed fun weekend! I hope you catch up on rest this week!
That games sounds like so much fun especially after having a few Bailey & butterscotch schnapps in your belly! They would loosen one up a bit, I must admit!
I bet your food tasted great and someone should have taken pictures of you two preparing it.
It is hard for me to see you wearing a tank top to go for a hike and sitting by the pool as it is bitter cold here and we have 4 - 6" of snow on the ground so we will definitely have a white Christmas! And the lake is iced over so it will be great for ice fishing this year.

Marlys Dotzenrod said...

Forgot to mention that those Christmas lights are awesome! So much work but enjoyable to so many people!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow, your weekend sounded like so much fun! You really made the most of Ryan's weekend off! Those Christmas lights are beautiful and I love your dinner party group's tradition. I am impressed with your late night dance party, though! What a fun group of people!

I feel like December is going to be a complete blur. I travel again today to Chicago which is the last thing I want to be doing as my head is spinning with all the wedding planning decisions and I am sooo tired since I haven't been getting as much sleep as I need. I will get to my hotel room at 8 tonight and plan to go straight to bed!!