Thursday, March 16, 2017

A few changes....

Wow. Where do I begin... It's  been a rollercoaster of a few weeks.

Ryan is supposed to be coming home tomorrow. He's been home for a week. (Yay!!!)

Let me tell you about last week. We went from thinking we were going to be spending 6 months in Fargo ND near family, then it was going to be Nashville, TN, then it was going to be Syracuse, NY, then it was back to Fargo.

The funny thing about this life is it warps your brain to not even care where you're going -- you just want to know.

But the amazing news is....we are going to Fargo, ND on April 7!!!

We still don't know what kind of living situation we will have. That is changing on a hourly basis. Literally every day Ryan comes home with new "news".

I don't care. I'll live in a box. Well, my company won't approve of that. But you get the point ;)

As thrilled as I want to be - it's hard for me to take the excitement seriously. It changes so much that I almost am starting to feel like I'm standing on the outside looking in with everything going on! But once it's all in writing, and we have a lease signed - I think I'll start believing the excitement a little better.

Words cannot describe how excited I am to be closer to family. I miss them so much. I also get to be home during my sister's wedding festivities! So timing just could not be more perfect!

We will supposedly (lol) be living in Fargo, ND from April until late-September! Perfect time of year to get out of Tucson ( I hate our summers) and spend some quality time at the lakes.

I already know our time is going to fly....and it is probably going to be difficult to leave. But I'm going to do my absolute best to not focus on that. Goal is to focus on enjoying every single day I get there. People don't realize how many days I've spend in AZ pining to be near family. Well, here is my big chance! I cannot wait....

On to the next adventure! ;)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I'M SO HAPPY THAT YOU'LL BE HOME THIS SUMMER!!! I am so relieved that this came together. But I can also understand just wanting to know where you will be going, wherever that is. Because not knowing is worse than anything in my opinion! I hope you get the details sorted out soon so you can shift to really getting excited about it! It's going to be amazing to have you guys so close this summer. You'll have to make a trip to Minneapolis one weekend as you haven't really had a chance to spend time here since you spend time with family when you are home (understandably so!!!). You can stay with us since we have a guest room :)

Amber said...

So so so exciting!!! Yay!! Fingers crossed everything works out as you guys want it to :) Can't even imagine how nerve wracking the not knowing would be!

Marlys Dotzenrod said...

In just a little over one week you will be in ND! Can I find words to describe how happy this makes your Dad & I and the rest of the family? And the time of year is perfect, too, although we are having a late spring, so maybe you will bring the warmth with you!