Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Midwest Update: Where did summer go?

Where do I even begin? How has it been since June 28 since I've checked in here. Gosh, so much to catch up on. So many events, I think we will need to do a "bullet point style recap" to get this all down before time flies too fast and I forget it all! Ha!

I'll throw in a few pictures, as well.

Hold on tight - lots to cover ;)
  • 4th of July weekend was amazing. So full - so much laughter - so much fun. We got to bond with family from California, cousins, siblings, nieces, nephews.
  • Much boating, laking, laughing, eating over the 4th of July.
  • Have I mentioned that I feel like this trip home feels like this freeze in time where I'm kind of covering ground I lost over the past 9 years? Blog post to come on that soon....
Out to dinner over the 4th of July weekend with family on my dad's side!
Fedora picture taken after a day of tubing down the river with aunts and cousins on the 4th of July

Pontoon ride that weekend with several of my siblings, their children, and my parents! And Ryan's awkward selfie face :D

  • The actual 4th of July didn't end so great. We got a call that night from the police that our house was robbed.
  • We got a take a surprise visit home to clean up the damage. We made the most of it though, got a lot done, and was even able to squeeze some time in with our friends!

  • We had a great Camping weekend with my sister and her family at Lake Carlos near Alexandria, MN. We spend pretty much all weekend out on the boat - as there is a chain of about 3 weeks. We couldn't have asked for better weather - and again...the weekend was filled with so much fun!
Friday night after setting up camp and eating dinner - quite the storm rolled through. Luckily - my sister and her husband have a large Expedition with a dvd player in it! We all cuddled up in there and watched Dumb and Dumber.
Many good memories were made this weekend! Here we are being very "Midwest" - donning my Twins shirt and drinking Woodchipper ale while being eaten up by mosquitos! Heaven lol
  • Ryan turned 30. He had the work night shift the weekend of his birthday, and was in Ohio for week the week before - but was able to spend Friday night at the lakes to celebrate the new decade. I baked him a chocolate cake and make authentic green chile enchiladas for his birthday meal and we went on a sunset cruise on the pontoon! He was super exhausted and not much in the partying mood. Maybe 40 will be a bigger "bang" - but let's not rush into that lol.
  • We celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary. Not sure how that happened so fast...but it sure did!
We celebrated by going to a Redhawks game, out to dinner at Vinyl Taco downtown, and did some beer tasting at Drekker Brewing company while listening to live music. Perfect night in my books!
  • In between all that - we have been spending every possible free second at the lakes.
  • Ryan has been very busy at work going through the training to be an instructor pilot in his new aircraft, and is almost done!
  • And I have been very busy with some career related news I will be sharing soon.....
I can confidently say this is a summer I am never going to forget and will always hold a very special place in my heart! I am off to Minneapolis to visit my sister this weekend. I am so excited to get some bonding time with her!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You guys have packed a lot of fun into this summer and have really made the most of your time in the Midwest. You are so lucky to be so close to the lakes and have a pretty easy drive there. I would go to the lake more often if the drive wasn't so God-awful! I think you've spent more time with family this summer than I have in the last 10 years, it seems! But I know you need to fill up and make the most of this time because when you leave you'll go back to very occasional visits. Hopefully going home won't be too tough but pretty soon our weather will be AWFUL so Arizona will be more appealing. And it helps that you have a great group of friends back home that will welcome you with open arms!!

Amber said...

You guys really have had the most amazing summer!! I'm impressed with everything you fit in but I know you really had to take advantage of being so close to family and friends and the lake!

Marlys Dotzenrod said...

Honestly, you two make the most of every day and it has been wonderful having you here. The time has gone too swiftly and I can't even think about September 30th and your departure, but will relish every weekend we have spent with you both. It has been so much fun. I was so happy to see this post - have almost stopped checking in to see if you updated, so am really enjoying it!

Marlys Dotzenrod said...

BTW, you should incorporate that picture of you two with the Fargo theater sign behind you in your Christmas card!