Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Wedding...revisited

So I left off with Tuesday's anticipation of the big events for the weekend! Wednesday morning Ryan and I went for a run, had a great workout in the the backyard of my parents house.....and this was probably the last normal moment we had alone and together for the rest of the weekend! I am so glad we did this. We got some quality time together to talk, laugh, and encourage each a little taste of our normal routine before the excitement all came. I made him breakfast, and he was back to the lakes. I packed up my bags to head to Wahpeton with Mom to get my nails done.

Wednesday was a great day to get some good bonding time with my Mom. It's funny how when I was a young teenager--I had such attitude towards my parents and would strive so hard to be the complete opposite of them. Now I can proudly say that I strive so hard to become a woman like my Mother. I arrived at the glorious lakes (which is probably my favorite place in the world)...and headed to my bridesmaid Sarah's cabin to catch up on much lost time! It was great to pick up exactly where we had left off!

Thursday morning I woke up to an absolutely picturesque day at the lakes. The lake was like glass, sun was shining, and weather was perfect. Ryan came over to the cabin that morning and we took the boat out onto the lake for about an hour. It was absolutely perfect.

My sister's both arrived at the cabin that morning, and we headed to town for the "Bridal Luncheon" where we met Ryan's Mom (Jan), sister (Erin), and his Grandma Alberts. It was so fun to have a morning together to get acquainted and talk about the upcoming weekend.

It was then preparation time for my bachelorette party. This was absolutely perfect. An evening with the woman who inspire me and who I love the most: my sisters, sister-in-laws, mom, aunts, cousins, and future mother and sister-in laws! It was great. We had margaritas, sangria, chicken tacos, and an incredible cake my extremely talented sister-in-law, Erin made! (Pictures on Lisa's blog )

That night the real excitement and reality that the wedding was coming SOON hit. I think I slept maybe 2 hours that night? My night was spent tossing and turning about. I woke in the morning, and took a nice long run in the rain. Some may see this as crazy. I see this as glorious. I love rain, and miss it dearly--and something about running in the rain is cleansing and refreshing to me!

It was now Friday. The day of the Rehearsal. This is the day where Abby became the nightmare of a stressed out bride. I think this was the only day I felt like this. I was worried. I am a worrier by nature. My only thoughts: "What if no one read the itinerary I sent out? What if everyone is late for the rehearsal..then no one will know what to do during the wedding. Our wedding will be a disaster! What if it's raining again tomorrow?--Pictures will be ruined. Ryan had his bachelor party tonight--what if he doesn't make it back to the lakes in time??? What if no one picked up their tuxedo's yesterday? What if I get sick today?? What if ... what if ...

....what if I took a chill pill?

More to come later ;)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I love hearing about the weekend from your perspective. :) It seems like the day before the wedding is always the most stressful for the bride. When the big day comes, everything magically falls into place and at that point, all that matters is that you are marrying the man of your dreams. :)

Mama Nastase said...

The anticipation of the next entry is great...

Marlys said...

I am so glad you are doing this, Abby! Take your time and reflect on all the details! Well, I suppose you could leave out a few details like your honeymoon night, but you will have to tell the story about the suite you had! Watching the video will help you to remember how you two felt at various times, right? I'm so glad you have it, sans the quality!