Friday, March 12, 2010


Do you have a daily routine?

Structure is such a great thing to have in life. In my opinion, if you have a basic structure to each day -- you'll get more accomplished. If you have a task scheduled in for your priorities of the day, it'll get done. However, if you just say "I'll get to it if I can...." -- chances are we'll find a way to *not get to it*. ;) I'm quite talented at this when it comes to studying some times.....

However, I think I've found that my life has become a little TOO "routined". I have 2 types of "days" in my week. Days where I have clinical super early in the morning lasting all day, and days where I have night classes. So depending on my day, that sets up my routine for the day.

I do everything the same on these days. Down to the HOUR.

However, when a Saturday comes around that I'm "free" from my routine, I would get excited. I'd say, "Oh yay! Tomorrow I am free to do anything I want!" This same attitude was posed last week during my week off from school.

However, I found myself to be extraordinarily irritable (aka crabby) on these days.

And I think it's because I wasn't following my usual routine. So my day just didn't feel right.

So, my goal for this week was to break things up a bit! I changed up my coffee a little in the morning, had a different mix for breakfast, worked out at a different hour during the day, etc.......

The first day of this, I felt lost in a different world. But by the end of the week -- I've adjusted!

So, in hindsight......I have decided that this is something very important we should all incorporate into our lives every once in awhile. It's great to have a nice structure to life. But every once in awhile? Switch it up. It's not going to hurt you to change your routine every once in awhile!!

***Update on my Lenten Resolution***
-I was taking a nice quiet walk around the lake yesterday, and everyone that I came across: I smiled at. Some people I even said "Hi."
-Yesterday I asked my neighbor, "How are you doing today?".

I think we're making improvements here!


Jess said...

I am a total creature of I know what you mean!! Good for you for making the effort to try and switch things up a little bit. Variety is the spice of life, right? At least, that's what I've heard!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Monday through Friday are pretty habitual days for me - at least the getting ready part & the coming home part. The 10-12 hours spent at work are never really the same. Which is good and bad.

When the weekend comes, though, my schedule gets turned upside down and I am ok with that. I do tend to have something consistent - like going to church every Saturday night, but other than that, I don't plan out too much and it's a nice reprieve!