Tuesday, May 11, 2010

1. What was your high school superlative (if you didn’t have one- what would it have been)?
I was voted "Most Likely to Leave ND" (isn't that funny that was even one of the categories?!) - Yay! Prediction as correct!
I was also voted "Most Likely to Succeed." BwaHahaha - that was false! I don't foresee myself "rollin in the dough" anytime soon. Who knows - maybe the shitty economy will make this AMAZING turn-around and I'll score a GREAT job, and then I'll go get my masters or my Nurse Practitioners, and be ever-so-successful (I'm feeling a little apathetic about the job market right now. Don't talk to me about it :P)

2. What sports did you play in high school?
 And track my jr and sr year. I ran the mile and 2 mile. If I would've tried, and wouldn't have been such a darn skinny little string bean - I may ahve had the stamina to succeed!?

I also was a basketball & football cheerleader - if you want to call that a sport.....(we weren't the competitive cheerleader types - no lifts or throws)

3. What was the best part about your wedding (if you’re not married yet, what are you looking forward to)?
The most memorable moment of my wedding was after we said our vows. Instead of lighting the unity candle, we did a "roses for the mothers".
[My husband & I are both Catholic - and it is a very orthodox tradition to kneel before the blessed Virgin and pray for the 1st time as a couple; and then present a rose to the virgin Mother, and to your actual Mothers. ]
That moment of "Okay, finally no one's staring at us, our backs are to the crowd; and we can pray together as a married couple" was such an amazing experience!!

4. It’s your last meal– what Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Entree and Dessert would you choose?
I've had this question before; but my mood/phase is switching it up a little:
Appetizer: smoked oyesters. Yep. Straight outta the can. I would like a Gin n' Tonic with the app, too.
Soup: No soup. It's too hot out (I'm in AZ, k?). Plus, I need to save room for all the seafood I'm about to devour.....
Salad: Spinach with ahi tuna and goat cheese. I also want fresh tomatoes from the garden with salt on them. Holding back on salt to prevent hypertension doesn't matter if it's my "last meal" :D
Entree: No change here : Always sushi! Tootsi Maki and Spicy Tuna or yellowtail. Mmm - no skimping on the wasabi, either!
Dessert: I would like a fresh slice of Key Lime Pie. Or my Mom's chocolate pie.

5. What song is your guilty pleasure?
Unchained Melody - The Righteous Brothers. Cheesy. Very cheesy - but melts my heart to the floor.
I also find guilty pleasure to almost any Neil Diamond song.

6. What is your favorite professional sports team, and why do you like them?
Minnesota Twins; because it's the Twins.To be honest, I don't get very jazzed about professional sports....at all.

7. What is your favorite reality show and why do you like it?
Ugh. Reality television. Such love/hate. More on the "hate" side. I am going to have to say the Bachelor/Bachelorette. I love analyzing and making fun of these crazy, love-hungry, silly people.

8. How would you classify your home decorating style (modern, classic, french country)?
I guess I'm more of the modern type. I like really neat, clean, almost "un-homey" looking houses. Lots of stainless steel. Boxy. Modern.

9. Pizza- deep dish or thin crust? White sauce or red sauce? What toppings?
I like thin crust. Actually, my new favorite crust is a portobello mushroom. LOTS of red sauce...mmm. And toppings: all the vegetables you can imagine: broccoli, peppers, onions, zucchini, jicama, tomatoes, jalepenos. Pinapples are mandatory, too! And noooo cheese, please!

10. Favorite weekend getaway within a two hour driving radius?
Easy! Fill up the camelback, pack some trailmix and sandwiches, hike for hours and hours and hours until you feel like you're far far far away from the rest of the world, smell the pine trees, hear the birds, see the deer, ahhh I love the mountains!!! And we would camp, too!


Marlys said...

Very predictable answers! I was a bit surprised about your music choice, but pleased! I'm sure you will get a job! The medical field has much more promise than a lot of other areas so hang in there!
See you in 48 hours!!!!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Keep your chin up regarding the job market. If I have learned anything, it's that things really do have a way of working out for the best. I really believe that! I know it's stressful, but it will all work out!

I've enjoyed reading everyone's last meals! Although it's making me very hungry!