Monday, August 30, 2010

Home Sweet Home

As I shared with you a few months ago, we have been in "House-Hunter" mode. We had made the decision to wait until January to buy. But we have still been spending countless moments together searching houses on, TARMLS (the Tucson listings), etc......

We have spent many moments playing with our grand budget to make sure everything fits perfect. Well, Ryan plays with the numbers - I watch and ask him to explain it to me. Again, and again. I really wish I would've taken accounting class or something? Or listened to my Mom when she tried teaching me back in the day

Well, we were driving around our "desired neighborhood" on Friday and stumbled upon Model homes for a new development.

Everything about this community is perfect (for our standards). Incredible mountain views, the houses are exactly what we want, and things just feel "right".

We can't get excited yet...

.....Because we still have the paper work to go through.

But, I wanted to share a little excitement from our neck of the woods! If you want, you could send some good vibes and prayers our way, too! If all goes through with the contract and what-not.....we will probably begin building late September-October and the house will be move-in-ready by January!

Besides spending Friday & Saturday meeting with the house-people, looking at different flooring/countertops/cupboards/etc at the Home Gallery.......our weekend highlights included:

  • Hitting up an Irish pub called Auld Dublinger to celebrate our excitement
  • Went to a comedy club Saturday night and saw Auggie Smith - check this guy out! He is HILAROIUS. We left the show feeling like we didn't pay enough for the level of entertainment
    • We got seated in the front row.....and Ryan & I got called on during the show. Which I will have to share with you all in another post. Very red-faced and embarassing!!
  • Saw a great (and free) Live Jazz concert
  • Ryan taught me how to play chess.....which was challenging (for both of us). I don't foresee this becoming a regular hobby of ours - but, it was good bonding time!
Have a great week, everyone! :)


Marlys said...

That was a packed weekend, and very exciting! Get used to paperwork - it never ends! Ugh! Keep us posted on the progress!
You are so fortunate to have such good entertainment so close to you! I would love to hear a "free" jazz festival! Jealous!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That's exciting! I am glad you found an area where you would like to buy. I hope the mortgage process goes smoothly for you. I know VA loans require a TON of paperwork, but it's a great program!

You had quite the fun/busy weekend! :)