Sunday, September 5, 2010

Camping - Lake Patagonia

In most aspects of my life, I'm quite the little scheduler/planner. In fact, sometimes I feel like my brain is a constantly buzzing calendar. But many of our trips, get-aways are quite last minute.

So we had one of those this weekend. We started talking Monday evening that it would be nice to do a camping trip this weekend ...... but found that the only open campsites in the area are "first come first serve"

I'm not much of a "risk taker" -- and I wasn't too keen on the idea of packing up for 4 days, getting to a campground, and finding out there was no room for us!

But, Thursday afternoon I made some calls around and decided it was "do-able". So I stocked up on some groceries and we packed our bags.

Friday morning we were on the road to Lake Patagonia by 8:15 am! Our sweet little Honda Civic Hybrid was stuffed to the brim!

Lake Patagonia is near the Mexican border. It's about 10 degrees cooler than Tucson, due to it's elevation. It is absolutely gorgeous. Rolling grassy hills, mountains, horse ranches, and gorgeous wine vineyards. The park is tucked in the mountain on a natural lake.

Now, to clear things up...I'm sure many of you read this and think "*gasp* You camped near the Mexican border? Didn't the drug cartels come and get you?" No. They didn't. This state park is very safe and monitored. I never once felt unsafe or threatened by our environment. Plus, what would the drug cartels want from us? Our tent? Our sauerkraut? Perhaps some of the meat from our "hobo meal"?

So we met Ryan's Dad and family who got down the night before. It worked out perfect, they had a site right next to us - so we were able to take over a nice area and call it ours. :) I couldn't think of a better way to end the summer than spend it camping with family!

I unfortunately remember to pack almost everything random, unneccessary thing ..... except our camera!!! So I have no pictures from the weekend! It was absolutely gorgeous there - and there were many great moments to catch on camera!

It was very hot. But, luckily the lake was "swimming" lake - so the afternoons were spent in the water. The other great part, is we live in the desert! So the nights cooled down perfect!

We got home today around noon to re-group. For tomorrow.............

Drum roll please....

.....We sign the contract for building the house!!

Happy Labor Day everyone! :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

So, so, so exciting that you guys are building a house! So few people are able to do that in their 20s so that is amazing. You should be proud of yourselves for being in the position to do that!

Sounds like a fabulous weekend. I hate when I forget my camera! :(

Mama Nastase said...

It WAS a wonderful weekend! So glad we communicated on FB and it worked out that you guys could join us! I think we would have done any obnoxious thing we could have done to discourage people who wanted to take the spot next to us! ha ha (As if the "Baby Jack" alarm wasn't enough! ;) )

Alexa took a TON of pictures, you are welcome to take any off my fb for your blog! (I can also email you the ones I didn't post.)

I agree with Lisa, it is AMAZING that you guys are in your low 20's and building a house! We're proud of your hard work and determination...and planning.

Marlys said...

We are so excited about the house, too! Our first house cost $7,000.00 - kind of cute little three-bedroom two story house that I would never want to live in again! You will have to take tons of pictures so we can see the progress! So glad you had a great time camping! We had great family time, but not weatherwise! Grrr!