Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random things Wednesday

Greetings, everyone! Let's be honest, my life is lacking in "depth" right now. Therefore, I have no interesting subjects to blog about. Or funny stories to tell. Or crazy rants to release. However, I will fill you in a few things...

1) My flowers lasted through the entire summer of Tucson, AZ. I feel pretty darn proud of that. The crazy part is....summer isn't over yet. It was 98 today, it's supposed to be 102 tomorrow, and 100 Thursday. GO AWAY SUN! WE DON'T LIKE YOU ANYMORE!

Sorry for that.

I'm moving to Antactica. Or Oregon. Or Washington -- where it rains every day and the sun never shines.

Not really. We just bought a house in Oro Valley, AZ! (north of Tucson) - and we close January 13! We can't move, silly!;)

2) My husband sure has been traveling a lot for work. I think I need to join him. He's seen the beach twice now in the past 2 weeks. And he's going to see it again in 2 weeks. I'm envious! And it makes me realize how much I enjoy his company!

3) Biggest Loser is back. I love this show. I live vicariously through Jillian Michaels when she's screaming in these poor people's faces. Or sitting on them as they do core-holds. Or when she threatens to break their fingers.

However, my attention span only lasted through 30 minutes of the 2 HOUR LONG SHOW. Who has the care to watch people work out for 2 hours?!?!? A little ridiculous if you ask me...

4) We finally have TV back. We got rid of it when Direct TV pissed us off for the LAST time. But, we broke down after 3 weeks and bought an antennae. I'm quite pleased.

5) I re-entered the world of reading. To be honest, the last time I read for "pleasure" was before college. And it wasn't that pleasureable. But now I am loving it! I have my sister Lisa to thank for all her book reviews and recommendations!

6) I've been playing a lot of piano lately in the evenings. It's coming back to me!

7) It's only September and I'm already feeling the boredom from NFL & College football. And my husband isn't even that much of a sports fanatic. Thank you, God, for not letting him be a total sports guru.

8) I am so ready for October. September, you have not be very kind to me.


Jess said...

Sounds like you actually have a lot going on!! Congrats on the house purchase, that's pretty exciting. I'm envious of all homeowners and realized the other day that I am totally over apartment living...though I don't foresee that changing for a few more years.

I've never watched Biggest Loser, though I don't know why - because I love reality shows and I love Jillian Michaels. The two combined seems like it would entertain me. I'm with you on the 2-hrs though. Seems a little unnecessarily excessive!

Crazy that it's almost October!! Here's to hoping it's a good month for you.

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I stopped watching BL a couple of seasons ago because I got so tired of the 2 hour episodes... It's just too much in my opinion.

I hope you like the books you picked out from the library!!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

2 hour episodes? I wouldn't be able to do it. I have trouble getting through 1-hour episodes of my favourite shows! Lol. 30 minutes is the perfect length for me!