Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm training for a marathon? What?

I've been training for a marathon since August 9. But, lately it really doesn't feel like it. Being I've been out-of-comission for the past 2 WEEKS.

Half of my mind is stressed out. Freaking out. Worried. How in the hell will I run 26.2 miles on December 12? That is in 7 WEEKS!!!!!!!

However - the "reality Abby" hasn't lost an OUNCE of sleep over this. Seriously! I have too many important things in my life going on -- to be concerned about a silly race!

But, (in all honestly) I was nervous. Today was my 1st REAL run. I did 5 miles.

I ran it while it was like 90 degrees out.

I was livid. With each step, I cussed the state of AZ. I was so freaking over-heated.

At one point, I found a water fountain - and started splashing water on my body like some sort of psychotic, manic, mad-woman.

However, I felt "natural" running - and somehow managed to cut 15 seconds/mile off! Meaning I averaged 8:03 min/mile. Which is quite speedy for me.

And my hip doesn't hurt!!! Hurray! So there's my excitement of the day..

My other RANDOM excitement of the day is "Halloween episode" of The Office. For many years, I thought "The Office" was kind of over-rated. Then suddenly something happened. Something clicked. I am now obsessed. If you don't watch the office? You need to. Any bad day is cured by watching this show. It kills me with laughter. Makes me laugh so hard I cannot breath.


Happy Friday!!! :)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I still can't believe how fast you have gotten! Dang you are speedy! I can't wait to see how the marathon goes for you!

Just think of the last 2 weeks as a mini mid-marathon training taper!

Maybe i should give the office a try again. I used to watch it and then stopped a season ago...

Jess said...

Running in the heat is hard, so I'm even more impressed with your time! The other day, I did my first ever "winter" run, which proved to be quite interesting..and a little scary! Good luck with your training and the marathon!!

The Office was pretty funny last night. I don't know if you have watched the earlier seasons, but you should go back and watch them. I recently re-watched older seasons and I seriously couldn't believe how much it made me laugh.

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

I find The Office HILARIOUS! Love that show! It definitely took awhile to grow on me, too though.

Great job on your run, that is so speedy! I guess taking 2 weeks off was the right thing to do for your hip!