Friday, January 28, 2011


It has been a rough few weeks. So words cannot explain how happy I am to have last night, today, and Saturday off! Last night was my 1st real night of sleep in awhile, and I was delirious. My poor husband did not sleep well, due to my talking throughout the night and attempts to sleep walk.

Apparently there were four instances where I would tap him and ask "How are you feeling?? Are you feeling okay?"

But I feel very refreshed & rested today! :) (Poor guy. I used to be a sleep walker/talker when I was younger ...but thought maybe I had outgrown that?!)

On the agenda for this weekend & a few tidbits:

  • Enjoying a cup of coffee and reading my Kindle. I'm reading "The Four Hour Body" right now. It's written by the same guy that wrote "The Four Hour Work Day" -- he's one that believes things can be achieved in short periods of time in a fast-pace. His book references several professional/olympic atheletes, MD's, sports medicine docs, etc.....I'm very curious what he has to that's what I'm reading! If his method's are believable, I am game. But this health nut is skeptical!
  • The coffee I'm drinking is "Organic Swiss Almond Beans" -- I got them from the farmers market in my neighborhood. It is delicious -- has a rich blend to them!
  • My husband has his "off Friday" today. His company gives them every other Friday off. We never seem to "match" on those -- so this is wonderful.
  • Yesterday I saw my husband for the 1st time since Monday. And we live in the same house. So today is nice.
  • We went to one of my favorite brewery's in town  for a drink & some smoked salmon. It was heavenly. They serve my favorite beer in the whole world. It's called "Orange-You-Glad". It's a very heffenweizen-ish tasting brew. But extra-orange. Yum.
  • I am currently in search for a new, interesting recipe for burgers -- for I'm wanting a gourmet-style burger tonight. (I'm open to your suggestions!!)
  • We have a wedding to attend tomorrow - which is the 1st wedding I've been to since our own wedding!
  • I wonder if I'll get teary eyed. I used to dislike weddings. I'd rollll my eyes at the criers. I'd say, "Oh for God's sake. Get ahold of your emotions, you sap"
  • Now, whenever I see a wedding on tv -- I get tears in my eyes.
  •  I even got a tear in my eye during Jim & Pam's wedding on the "The Office".
Have a fantastic weekend everyone!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

This is my suggestion for your gourmet burger:

I have never made them, but I have eaten many of these burgers at Bar Lurcat in Minneapolis and I adore them.

Enjoy this much deserved break!

Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

Oh I'm excited to hear what you think of "Four Hour Body". I read an interesting review of it on No Meat Athlete! I still want to read the Four Hour Work Day book too.

Enjoy your time off!

Jess said...

It sounds like a blissful weekend!! Enjoy!! I can't believe you hadn't seen your husband in so many days so I hope you get some good quality time in this weekend.

B and B said...

Take pictures of those burgers!!!

Marlys said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend! Your choice of beers sounds interesting! And the burgers sound even better! Good luck!