Monday, March 21, 2011

Car Key Chronicals: Part II

Per the request of some family members...I realized that I forgot to do the continuation post of my "car key story". I may have put this off, because I was still irritated by what happened! So if you missed the 1st one...

Refer to here!!! (Brace yourself...this post may be wordy...)

So I left of leaving for work Friday night. Ryan was calling various car-repair-shops around town, our insurance company (We have road-side assistance through USAA) to arrage towing....

I had to be home from work by 8:30 am Saturday moning. Which sometimes is a challenge....but I did it!

I got home, crawled into bed (I had to work that night again), tow truck arrived, and Ryan drove his car to the repair shop to make sure they were "up to speck".

Well...come noon - I can hear him walking around the house, so I assumed "Yay! All is fixed, all is good!"

So I get up to find out what's going on.

...........................Turns out my "spare key" I had copied @ Walmart didn't have the "Security Chip" in it. So it won't start my vehicle! The big fix is going to the Pontiac dealership and paying them to make a new one.

Well.....Ryan attempted doing this while I was sleeping. But.... His name's not on my Title! So they turned him away.

Simple fix. I go with. We get the key made.

Well......The title of my vehicle is in my maiden name, but not my married name. I have like NOTHING (no documents whatsoever ) in my maiden name anymore.

I know! We'll bring our marriage license in! So...I go to the file in our file-cabinet which contains all important documents simliar to this (marriage license, birth certificate, etc)

It's no where to be found.

I start to panick.

We start to do that "marriage bickering".
 "Where do you put the license?!?!"
"Me?! It was YOU! Where did YOU put the license?"
 "Me?!?! You're the one who packed up all the boxes when we moved! You're the one who doesn't take our filing system seriously!"

After a 2 minute outburst, we decided "Forget about this....let's just go anyways and see if they let us"

Sure drivers license and "explanation of name change" was good enough for them.

New key was made. :)

But....I'm not off the hook yet. Our marriage license and birth certificates are still lost. And it's clearly my fault. Since I'm the disorganized one between the 2 of us. (I'm not reallly disorganized...just scatterbrained. And this is a true statement)

So it's about 6:00pm  Saturday night, and I'm cooking dinner before I head into work. And I hear Ryan rummaging in the other room. And suddenly I hear him say...

"Damn............................................I'm REALLLLY sorry...."

Sure enough! The WHOLE FOLDER was in his briefcase?!?!


Okay, so I sang the victory song for awhile. Lived in my glory. And we could laugh about it at last!

Now let's travel to Sunday evening. We went out, celebrated my birthday, came home, I was doing laundry.

....and at the bottom of the washing machine I hear a "clanking"

Uhm. was my original car key.

I DO NOT understand how this is physically/humanly/possibly possible. It's impossible. I had that key in my pocket when we went running 2 days prior. So I have no answer or explanation for this!!

It's just plain freaky.

And then to top things off a bit? I dropped Ryan off at the airport the next day (Monday), came home, and 3 hours later discovered I forgot to turn his lights off..... and his batteries were dead. So I had to learn how to jump a car!

Yep. I officially hate vehicles. Or they hate me. I'm not sure who wins.


Jess said...

Oh my!! I am sorry that you had to go through this, but you have to admit, it's a pretty entertaining/hilarious story. So weird about the keys DID they end up in the washing machine??

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Wow. That is just bizarre that the key turned up? How is that even possible? So bizarre!

What an epically craptastic experience!! I am glad that it all worked out!

My fave comment is Ryan saying you don't take his filing system seriously, though. ;) Ha.

B and B said...

Hoot and Yikes!
What a series of events!

Thanks for finishing the story!

Marlys said...

You learned some good lessons here, right? Never get a spare car key made at Walmart. Find a safer way to carry keys when you're running. And learn that filing system! I'm glad you could end up laughing about it, but I know you were exhausted and didn't get enough sleep that day before you had to go back to work! That was a bummer!