Thursday, March 24, 2011


What makes me happy right now?
  • It's my weekend right now. I had a few days off in the middle of the week that gave me time to clean house, do some serious spring organizing, work out, and play in the kitchen.
What makes me grumpy about that?
  • That means I work Friday & Saturday night.
What makes me super-duper-extremely happy and excited?
  • Starting Monday morning I work the 7am-7:30 pm shift. (The only downfall is because days is so crazy, I rarely see anyone get out of there before 8:15 pm.)
  • I get to join the WORLD again!
What makes me a little uneasy?
  • Because I have to work another person's schedule for this month...I do not have a single work-free weekend until April 25. Gross.
  • I wish hospitals could shut down on weekends & holidays. The patients can fend for themselves....(I'm joking...)
What makes me motivated?
  • I've been stepping up my workout routine lately, and Ryan has even been joining me! He usually is strictly a weight-lifting kind of guy, but has decided to do more cardio.
What makes me jealous?
  • He's only done a few "Abby workouts" -- and has had to start taking protein/weight gainer shakes because he's lost so much weight. His pants don't fit anymore. How is this fair?
  • I swear if my husband gets to a point where he weighs less than me I will throw the scale out the window in a fit of rage.
What makes me relieved?
  • We have been battling trying to get a primary care physician since DECEMBER 7, and yesterday I finally got in. Yes. It took that long. (it's been a seriously irritating, long, frustrating ordeal...)
What makes me skeptical?
  • Our doctor is weird. When reviewing my family history, I had "heart issues" on both my maternal & paternal sides.......and he replied stating (in a serious voice), "Is there relation between your parents?" I asked, "What do you mean by relation....." His response, "Are they cousins?"
  • REALLY?!?! Cousins! Wow!
What am I excited for today?
  • To watch the U of A vs Duke March Madness game. We are going out to watch the game. It's our date night :-)
What am I a little not excited for?
  • I feel that Duke will probably crush the U of A. Therefore, my husband will yell at the tv. As will other spectators at the bar....
  • You know how pets don't like the sound of a vacuum cleaner? And they get all uneasy and jumpy when they hear that noise? That's how I get when people yell at tv's over sporting events.


Mama Nastase said...

I'm with you...the sound of people yelling at tvs really makes me nervous and jumpy!! I hope you're wrong about Duke though and maybe there'll be only happy clapping and big smiles at the bar tonight! ;)

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Whoa - your doctor IS weird. I can't believe it took THAT long to get a primary care physician. Yikes. That is bad. I could get one in a day here!

This was fun to read! I am so glad that you get to switch to days! That will make such a difference in your quality of life!

B and B said...

Does that doctor have an incredibly dry wit?

He couldn't be serious, right?

I think I heard Ryan cheering last night all the way in Florida!

Garnet said...

I loved this!

And I totally feel you with the husband workout senario. My boyfriend has the metabolism from God and can eat whatever he wants. He hikes and skis, but really only exercises a few times a month, if that. Over the past six months, he's probably put on ten pounds and I swear all it has done is give him more defined abs. NO FAIR!

Marlys said...

Paul & I cousins? That is too funny!
I'm so glad you finally found a primary physician, but this may be interesting! Good luck!
I take it from Barb's comment that UofA won? I bet Ryan is on cloud 9!
Be sure you get enough sleep today before you go to work so you don't fall asleep on your way home in the am!