Friday, April 8, 2011

Dream House Chronicles: A Little History & Week 1: Exterior

Do you remember last fall when we were building our dream house?

Then the builders and the plumbers had a "oopsy daisy" in communication. And busted/damaged/screwed over our "post-tension concrete". Ryan & I were the one's to discover this one dreamy Sunday evening.

And we got out of the contract, thank you to the benefits of a VA loan.

We now live just a few miles away from that house. When we 1st moved, we'd check it out every once in awhile. I'd cackle, saying "Thank God we got out of that trap!! It's not even that nice"

Well, yesterday I went for a run - and I happened to run by our "was gonna be home". And there was big, yellow "SOLD" sign in front of it.

It was standing there exactly how we desigend it. It had the gorgeous bricks, the warm tuscany-style colors, the Birds of Paradise plants in front as we chose.

I got a little sentimental.....

I then realized that house is NOT for us. Our dream house has a big yard - which lush landscape. Our dreamhouse that we someday choose to buy will have character. Maybe it will have a story behind it with some history. Our dreamhouse will accomodate my dream-garden with a little gate leading in.

Meanwhile, I'm still on this constant house hunt. Zillowing my little heart out. But I've come to realization I don't actually want to buy a home.

I am just in love with "homes", home renovation, & anything involved with it.

So today I begin a series called my "Dream House Chronicles" -- to display some of my favorites!

This week I will begin with exteriors - since curb appeal is what draws the potential owner into the driveway.

I'm not talking gardens, backyards, landscaping. Just the exterior of the home.

So we begin my with my absolute favorite style of home. Plantation-style. There is something about the box window bedrooms on top. And, of course, the front pourch is mandatory. All it needs is a little swing on the side. (Maybe we can put a cow bell on it too, so I can ring it and yell "Dinner's on!" ;)

I would have hanging pots across the porch filled with pink petunias. And hisbiscus trees on the sides.

This house needs some landscaping in the front. Perhaps a flower bed in the front?

Happy Friday everyone! While everyone's week comes to an end, mine kind of is starting up today since I work today and Saturday!


Amber (Girl with the red hair) said...

This is how I feel about the first townhouse we ALMOST bought. I am so so so so SOOOO happy we didn't! Our townhouse now is in a million times better location and has a way better layout for us. Plus it was $10,000 LESS than what we almost paid!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Oooo, I love the porches on those houses - and the shutters on the first one! And the green grass. :)

I like to look at houses too, but also know I am not ready to buy one. and even if i was ready for the commitment of having an actual home, I couldn't buy one anyways since i am stuck w/ thsi ball-and-chain that is my condo. I will stil be living here when i am like 40. :( Sometimes I am tempted to try to rent it out and move back into an apt downtown, but that is sort of moving backwards... So I will stay in this place for now. Le sigh.

B and B said...

Cool! Fun idea!!!

I love the plantation style home as well. When we visited Savannah and Charleston last year we learned why the design was established.

Marlys said...

I like that style, too, and Arts & Crafts design and cottage style. It's fun to dream!