Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Days like this...

Days like this make me miss San Diego. Makes me dream of snow storms. Causes me to fantasize about living in an igloo somewhere in the arctic........

It is 107 degrees Fahrenheit today. Yesterday was 106. Tomorrow is a predicted high of 108 degrees.

I feel like we live in hell right now.

2 weeks ago, we were in San Diego, where it was a lovely 72 degrees Fahrenheit. We were refreshed with a nice salty breeze off the ocean. Heaven.

However, getting through these summer months of AZ is (to me) similar to "toughing through" the miserable winter months I survived when we lived in the Midwest. However, they are 2 different breeds. As the heat doesn't hurt, turn off power, or cause car accidents.

It just makes me really sweaty, dehyrated, and sluggish.

I can't wait for November!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)


Marlys said...

Those temps are awful! Hope it cools down soon! You look forward to November like we look forward to May!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Those temps are horrid. When we had 110 heat index this summer, I hated it. I actually think it is worse than our crazy subzero temps. Hope things cool down soon!!