Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bring it on, New Year

Is it really a new year? I didn't even get to make my bullet-point list of goals for the next year. I know one shouldn't make excuses for themselves, as it's a nasty habit. However, December wiped me out. Our house literally became the revolving door for entertaining, hosting christmas shin-digs, you name it! It didn't stop until the clock striked 12 on 01/01/13. And I realized, "Shoot, it started and I didn't even make any resolutions". (But I will say the month of December was an absolute BLAST. I love Christmas season!)

Another large influence for my lack of setting any goals is the big life-changer that is about to happen in....3 weeks. I kiss my best friend and love of my life goodbye. The 1st 6 weeks, he's allowed 1 phone call home. For the past 6 years, I don't think we've gone a single day without at least exchanging texts. Although the past 1.5 years he's traveled a lot and we've had months where he's out of town more than he's home. I am going to miss my husband dearly. But I can't hang my head low or be sad, for this is an exciting life changer! I'm looking forward to it.

Positive thinking!!

Come June, I will most likely be living in a small, Air Force town, in Southern-Belle-America. How can I set goals when I have so many unknowns coming up in 6 months. I will have to leave my beloved ER day shift job, and possibly take a step back and work on a surgical unit for a few months or even work night shift. It is not ideal -- but it is what it is. Work is work. And who knows, maybe Mississippi will surprise me.

So for 2013, I have one goal and only one goal. And that is to just let life happen and be open minded. I am well aware that this next year will have it's challenges. There will be moments that are so fun -- like seeing my husband be commissioned as on officer in March. Seeing my parents in March. Or moving into a completely new region of the US and getting know the customs and fun things it has to offer. Running on new running trails. Meeting new people. Attending military balls. Seeing green grass (we don't get that here in AZ) But I know there will be moments of frustration and loneliness. 

No matter what changes in my environment -- I will stay me. Will still have a kitchen to cook in, running shoes to lace up, and my electric piano to make music on, and my husband & family will always be there to support me. So bring it on, 2013! I'm ready for whatever you have in store.


Marlys said...

Profound, Abby! You have a great attitude about this whole experience and I hope it turns out to be an adventure you will never forget! We will always be there for you if times get too lonely or frustrating! The hardest times will be from January until June when you are alone, but I know you can do it!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

You have a great attitude about this. I should take a page from your book! I did not realize you only got one phone call when he is gone. Yikes! That is going to be so tough but you guys are so rock solid, I know you'll get through this! It will feel so good to be reunited.

And hey, you'll now have a fellow southerner... :....( Well, the tears are for my move, not about us being closer geographically...

Marlys said...

I looked at the map last night and found that the city of Atlanta is about dead center between the two towns you guys will live in, so you could meet there and have some good family time! It would only be about a 4 hours drive for both of you, so sort of like driving from Wyndmere to Mpls! And we could hop in a plane and meet you both there! What do you think?