Saturday, March 2, 2013

Year 25

Wednesday I "celebrated" my birthday. Let's just rephrase that, and say I turned 25. I worked on my birthday. I should've known it was going to be brutal. I tend to be the "black cloud" of my ER -- and sure enough, it was a "black cloud" kind of day. It was a wild and crazy day -- but I am thankful that my job never leaves me feeling bored!

I was very blessed with love that day, however. My husband even sent me a present (which he probably had to set up before he leave for officer school)-- I got a brand new GPS watch. And it has more bells and whistles than I know what to do with! My coworkers gave me the sweetest card, and a fruit tart (they knew the health nut in me wouldn't get excited about a cake). I left work and went out for drinks and appetizers with 3 of my dearest girlfriends. The night was filled with laughter that left me with sore cheeks from the smiles.

It was bittersweet, as all I really wanted was a birthday hug from my husband. But in a few days I will get that!

So I don't do New Years Resolutions typically, but this year I'm trying goals for Year 25! It's going to be an interesting year. Changes to my husband's training leaves us with a year where most of it will be spent apart. But we are young, we are madly in love, and we will get through this!

So here goes the goals:

  1. See the beach. It's been well over a year since my feet has touched the ocean sands, and I miss it.
  2. Really start "running smart" - I'm not getting any younger. I can no longer go for a 10 mile run without warming up or stretching. I need to start exercising smart - I had 2 injuries in "Year 24". I don't want to keep that trend going!
  3. Be a better Catholic. I've been working on this one during Lent. My job makes me work weekends -- and that makes it really easy to be not-so-great at attending mass. I've started scheduling time with God, just like I schedule work/social life/work outs!
  4. Cut out the sweets! I was in a habit where I would have some small form of desert every evening. Be it candy, a piece of chocolate, smores, or a bowl of ice cream. That is not neccessary! If I'm hungry at night -- I need to put good things in my body.
  5. Enter the world of the ICU (that's Intensive Care Unit). Not as a patient. (ha!) As a nurse. In 2 years I'm going back to school to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, and I feel ICU experience is super crucial.
  6. Run a marathon. (I can hear my Mom letting out a sigh of disappointment here.) But I'm training smart, and I have a great podiatrist now! No need to worry. 
  7. Perfect my Red Curry. Thai cooking is something I've really started to enjoy. I would like to throw a dinner party one of the times when Ryan is home this year to unleash it! 
  8. Paint my master bathroom. Oh, my stomach turns at the thought of this. I loathe painting bathrooms!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you had a fun birthday despite having a long, busy day at work! Celebrating with girlfriends hopefully helped take your mind off the fact that the most important person in your life wasn't there...

That is a great list of goals! I can't wait to see which marathon you end up doing. I have definitely gotten smarter about training as I've gotten older and I've found what works best for my body, so hopefully you find the same as you train for this next marathon!

Amber said...

Glad you had a great birthday despite a long day of work! How sweet your husband arranged for a present to be delivered to you. Those are great goals!

Marlys said...

That was so sweet of Ryan to have a present arrive for your birthday as I know he has been so busy! It's hard for me to believe that you are a quarter of a century old already! Your goals sound awesome and I hope you attain them all!