Thursday, June 20, 2013

Happy Trails

One of the most exciting parts for me on this move is discovering new running and biking trails. And I've decided that this hobby is one that really makes a person get out there and see the sites! Typically the popular biking and running trails are through beautiful parks and scenic areas. So it really gives you a taste of the area you are in.

I don't begin my travel nursing contract until Monday - so I had this week to get settled in. Now that the week is ending, I am finding extra downtime. So have been putting my research to practice (I did my research on the best running and biking trails in SA -- as there are tons)

My first attempt was the Gruene River Trail. Gruene, Texas is a historic town outside of SA (northeast). If you are ever in the area, and you want a break from city -- this is the place! From the first glace, it has the image of "Ole Texas small town" with "Honky Tonk" dance halls etc. But the streets are cobble-stoned, and they have the cutest antique shops and restaurants. It also has a winery. The town even has a martini bar, which I was surprised to see!

Unfortunately, no martinis for this girl. It was 8:00 in the morning and I had miles to put on!

I parked at a church, clipped in, and took off out of town, and found "River Road". The River Road goes along the Guadeloupe River - and it goes about 17 miles. I did an out-and-back, and covered a total of 30 miles. The trail is mostly flat and rolling, with a few challenged hills -- but nothing unmanageable.

At times as I was riding along the Guadeloupe River, I was sentimentally reminded of "home". The combination of greenery, rivers, people tubing down the river, and seeing tractors made me feel as thought I'm back in Minnesota near the lakes! In fact, I think a Zorbaz would go quite nicely here. The big thing to do here is float down the river -- which I believe a group of us plan on doing this Saturday!

Here are a few snapshots ;)

 After viewing this photo, I realized 'Wow, my helmet is way too small for my giant noggin". So I went out and purchased a new helmet. ;)

Below is the link to the map! This was a fun and challenging way to discover the landscape. Next time I will pack more water. Forecast was 82, which is cool in Tucson. 82 feels VERY VERY VERY different here with the humidity. Let's just say I'm having a little bit of an issue adjusting ;)


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Thanks for sharing photos and stories about the areas you are checking out! I am glad you were able to put in some miles in an area that reminded you of home. I REALLY miss seeing natural bodies of water as there are none around where I live. Definitely makes me appreciate what we had bad in Minneapolis. I actually don't think I could live long term in an area that didn't have a natural body of water...

I hope your body adjusts to the humidity quickly. It is a BEAST and really zap a person out when they are working out!!

Marlys said...

Beautiful scenery! I am anxious to see more of your discoveries and enjoyed seeing the Franciscan missions on SMS yesterday! You've seen a lot in a short time!