Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home Sweet Hotel

After several days of hotel living, I think I've found a rhythm. We've made it work, to say the very least! After going through this transition, there are several things I've learned. I know the chances of ever having to make a hotel a home are very slim in most people's lifestyles. However, you never know! What if your house floods, and you have to house up in the Candlewood Suites for a month?

For Ryan and I, there is a good chance that this won't be the last time we live in these types of quarters. I am now confident that I'll have it down by the next time we do this!

(For those of you just joining in, if there are any.......this is for a temporary 3 month move)

Here are a few tips I've found so far......

  1. Pack what you need. Seriously
  2. Again, I state, Really analyze the items you use in your day-to-day life and decide what do you really need. (For example, if there's a dress that has been worn once in the past 2 years. Don't bring it. If you really have an inkling to wear a dress similar to that? I'll bet you can buy one. You don't need every pair of jeans in your closet. Bring the one's you wear most frequently)
  3.  Make the most of your space. Many of the shirts that I like to hang in my closet now have to be folded. And I don't have a closet anymore. I have kitchen pantry as my closet. It works great! (I won on this deal. Ryan got 3 drawers and the closet. I got a huge pantry and 1/4 of the closet)
  4. Bring a real coffee mug, a real set of dishes. I'm more sentimental than some, but I cannot live drinking coffee out of styrofoam every day. I need my trusty pink mug.
  5. Crockpots are probably the most incredible invention. It takes up minimal space. And you can do SO MUCH in them -- lasagna, roasts, soup, brownies. Check out the Crockin Girls!
  6. Plan your meals. You aren't going to have the cupboard space to have a nice stock of food. Well, maybe you would if you're pantry wasn't a clothes closet ;)
  7. Purchase a hot plate. I got mine at Target for $20. Now my issues of 'no stove' is history!
  8. Make it yours how you can. I can't burn candles or decorate.But I can purchase my favorite scent of Febreeze spray and spray the room every day. When I come "home" -- it feels like mine, instead of that weird hotel smell.
  9. Buy your own hand soaps. Using a bar of soap that says "facial bar" gets old. Again, this goes back to "making yourself at home"
  10. Find walking routes, running routes, coffee shops -- whatever you must to get away. You will lose your mind in that tiny room for too long ;)
  11.  Expect that you're going to have to spend about $150-200 to get set up. I bought a cheap pot and pan, my own silverware, hot plate, and toaster -- got my basic "neccessities" for cooking (olive oil, spices, apple cider vinegar, minced garlic, ect) These things add up, but it's worth it
This is an adventure, and a major change in life -- and so far I'm taking it all in. It's tempoary, too! The most important part is that I get to kiss Ryan goodnight every night -- and make him his coffee in the morning with a smile and a hug.. Life will get hectic and we won't always be able to keep up our routines -- but those are 2 things that will always happen no matter what.

Here are a few cheesy snapshots of our "home"

This is the view of our building from the outside. Although it is nothing fancy....I bask in the glory of seeing GREEN! Being stranded on a dry desert for 5 years makes one appreciate color ;)
 This is me posing in the kitchen upon our arrival. That door leads to the pantry my closet!

 Ryan in the "living room. I'm standing in the kitchen to take that photo -- to give you a frame of reference. there is a bathroom to the left of the bed. 

 And here is my stove! That tool is amazing, I can't believe I'd never heard of a hot plate until now!! Next to it is the tabbouleh salad I made for dinner tonight. Will accompany pork tenderloin. :-)


Barb Geier said...

This is so interesting. I have always wanted to visit San Antonio. Keep posting, please!!!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Your hotel room is actually better than I was picturing in my mind! The kitchen area is nice and that was smart of you to bring a crockpot and buy a hotplate. You should share some of your crockpot recipes! And if you are looking for a good meat one to make, definitely make beef and pomegranate sauce. It's delish!! It's a Karina recipe so you can google it and probably easily find it or I can send you a link.

Marlys said...

Yes, keep these posts coming! Your humble little abode will work just fine being it is temporary, but I bet you will relish having y our house back in three months! I'm anxious to hear all about your new adventure in "nursing"!