Wednesday, July 3, 2013

1-2 step 1-2 trip. Never take a ballroom dancer to a country bar.

In my attempts to really embrace Texas, I accompanied Ryan and a few of his friends/classmates to a country bar last weekend called "Cowboys".

I knew about this place before we arrived in San Antonio. All google, Urbanspoon, Tripadvisors -- listed it as a "bar to see". Boy, was it ever.

It is the largest barn (yes, barn)I have ever seen! It has a mechanical bull. Friday & Saturday's they have live country music (this Friday Tracy Lawrence is performing...who's apparently a famous country dude). They even have dance lessons on some nights.

Let me just tell you.....I am not a country girl. Yes, I grew up in North Dakota. Yes I own a cowboy hat. And yes, I drink beer (but I'm a bit a snob sticking to IPA's or Hefenweizen..) But those qualities still do not qualify me as a country gal.

Here are a few things that take Ryan and I out of the equation for being "country" : (**Disclaimer, I have nothing against country. It's just not my genre of choice....**)

  1. I purchased the cowboy hat, because I thought it'd be a good sun-shield on our camping trip. Plus, a girl has gotta look cute camping,right!? And it had turquoise beads on it -- that was the true selling point. Oh, and it was $8....
  2. We showed up at this bar -- the attire Ryan and his friends chose was: cargo shorts, flip flops, and polos. Let me just say..these fly boys stuck out like a sore thumb compared to the men attired in wranglers and boots. It was quite comical!
  3. Our attempt at 2-stepping was horrendous. Disastrous. We were stepping on each others toes, tripping over each others feet. I think I lost a shoe at one point (Now I understand the purpose of cowboy boots). The only dancing I know is ballroom and swing (I took a class in college) -- and I quickly learned that country dancing is not waltzing.
I won't knock the Cowboy's dance hall, quite yet. Maybe one night I can drug talk into taking the dance lessons they offer! But in the meantime, I think I'll stick to my flip flops and pop/rock music with my man in his I-Zod polo.......

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Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Hahaha. Well good for you for checking out the local night life! I like some country music, but I am definitely not a country girl. And I do not know how to 2-step! I think I have a good sense of rhythm, but I can not get that dance step down!