Monday, July 8, 2013

Local Brews + Goat Cheese and Beet wrap + Silver Screen = Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

We went on a double date Friday night to a local hot-spot called the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. And this did not disappoint. In fact, I would be elated if one of these came to Tucson!

It's exactly what it sounds like -- it's a movie theater with a bar that serves dinner. I initially wasn't drawn to this, as usually the food available at movie theaters isn't very healthy and is way too over-priced. Typical Theater = $7 for a ridiculous-sized glass of coke to wash down the $8 butter soaked popcorn that is large enough to feed a family of 10. No thank you.

Not at the Drafthouse, though!

As you enter the theater, the first centerpiece is this bar with a huge selection of tap beers -- including many local brews. (They also serve wine and do have a full bar) I would call the vibe a little bit on the "punk rock"/eclectic side. It has a selection of punk music softly playing in the background, and it's just a different vibe from your typical movie theater.

You are next led to your theater, where the chairs are set up in rows like any theather, except your have a bar-table in front of you -- for placing orders, your drinks, and food.

As I said before, the menu is different from your typical selection at a movie thater. They have everything from burgers to kale and sundried tomatoe pizzas. I went with the Goat Cheese and Beet chicken Wrap. I must say I was very impressed. Ryan had the Hatch Chile burger -- which you can't  go wrong with!

Not hungry for dinner? They also serve a large selection of snacks such as hummus, fried pickles, bottomless popcorn (for $6, which is actually a descent deal), ice cream sundaes, and Guiness shakes!

My biggest word of wisdom is buy your tickets in advance. We tried going last weekend, and the movies we wanted to see were completely sold out (30 minutes before showtime). And this week we lucked out and got the last 4 tickets! These shows definitely sell out on the weekends!

This was definitely my kind of movie theater experience, as it was a little different from your typical show! I highly recommend it. I know they are present in major cities throughout Texas -- and I believe in CA, NY, and Missouri....


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That sounds like a cool date night! What movie did you end up seeing? I hope it was good despite not being your top choice!

Marlys said...

What a unique venue! I know we don't have them in our area, but glad you got to experience that! We visited with Jack, our old lake neighbor, and he lives in Corpus Christi now. We told him you were in San Antonio for a few months and he said that all Texans LOVE San Antonio - that's the place to be! I'm anxious to hear how your day went yesterday and if you have some work days in the future?