Saturday, November 9, 2013

30 Days of Gratitude: The Tail End

Greetings from our cabin in the woods in Big Bear, California! I am supposed to be moving Ryan to March AFB today for training, but his training has been rescheduled and re-routed. However, we had already put our deposit on our cabin (we were going to stay here for a few romantic days before I moved him) we made a fun vacay out of the deal!

Pictures will come eventually. :) I am determined to finish this Grateful blog, however! So here's the last of it!

The best thing I tasted today was....For breakfast I had a slice of my home-made blackberry lemon bread, toasted on the stove, and a spread little Fage greek yogurt on it.

I love going online to .... look up recipes, gawk at dream vacations, and look up home renovation ideas. I must admit a great deal of this is done via Pinterest.

I'm grateful for the way these things feel: my husbands arm around my back, a hug from family & friends, cool & crisp freshly washed sheets after a long day, the taste of cold water after a long run.

Today I felt supported (by a person, the 3 Universe, God) (I'm going to refer to yesterday) ...I felt supported by God and the Universe when we got to the pinnacle point of our hike, and we were on top of the mountain, and Ryan urged me to climb up this rock to really feel "on top of the world". Anyone that knows me, knows I'm terrified of heights. So I felt like God & the Universe "had my back" by not blowing any winds while I was atop of that rock!

When I look around my home, I'm grateful for... Period. I am so grateful. I love our home, and could see us living there for a long time! We looked at about 34 homes, placed offers on we better be happy with it!

When I look around at the world, I'm grateful for the contrast in landscapes that God  has  given us. Just within the state of AZ...we have coniferous forests, saguaro-laden desert, the red-rocked rolling mountains of Sedona, and beautiful lakes. There are so many beautiful sites in this world!

I love that I have the ability to daydream about our next trip home. I know we will be coming home to MN this summer to spend some time at the lakes. I so cherish my time with family!

I love it when I see animals when we are hiking. I'm not a big animal person. But I do like spotting wildlife when we are enjoying the great outdoors!

The nicest thing I felt on my skin today was the cool mountain air on my skin as we ran on a trail along the mountain!

I'm grateful I'm learning to calm down, relax, and enjoy. I can be really uptight if I want to be. But I've learned that only makes me unhappy. I surrendered myself in the fact that I cannot control most things in life. Being a military spouse and working in an ER has really taught me that lesson this year, and accepting it has really made me a more calm and happy person!


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you had a great getaway together - I can't wait to see more pictures! The ones on facebook were beautiful!

It is amazing how much diversity of landscape there can be in such a small geographical area. I feel that way about NC as we have the mountains and the ocean!

Marlys said...

Sounds like the perfect short vacay for the two of you! I'm glad it worked out for you to go inspite of the change in plans for Ryan! There is something majestic about a mountain, and climbing that rock took courage, but I'm proud of you! I daydream about your next trip home, too! We haven't seen Ryan in such a long time so really looking forward to your visit! I'm glad you are able to adapt to your circumstances and take each day as they come! It makes life so much happier!

Marlys said...

That blackberry lemon bread sounds so good ! you will have to share the recipe!