Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Current Challenge

I typically lead a pretty non-indulgent, healthy lifestyle. 3 meals a day usually include leafy greens. I don't eat fast food, no processed food, and minimal carbs. Keeping fruits and vegetables in my house is a challenge, because they are eaten so fast!

So I work out hard 6 days a week, eat fairly clean, but what I see in the mirror just doesn't add up. I don't look like someone who (on average) runs 25 miles/week, bikes 30-60 miles, and lifts 3 days.

Well, I've found the culprit.

It's called the candy jar full of chocolate covered coffee beans, and dark chocolate kisses, and red vines at work.

It's the M & M's I "treat" myself with after dinner at night.

Every now and then these "cheats" are okay, but it's more of a daily thing than a "cheat".

So myself and 2 other girlfriends (and training buddies) are challenging each other to a week of only putting "good" and nourishing food in our bodies! If we make it 2 weeks, we are treating ourselves to a pedicure.

So far it's really been easy! It's always that 1st taste of sinfulness that keeps you coming back for more, right?

To keep me from snacking in the evenings at home, I've been making pitchers of infused water and drinking tons of it. (This is the time of year where I get so dry and dehydrated! The desert is in full force right now!)

It's also really helpful to have other people to hold you accountable. I've tried doing little challenges like this before, but usually I'll falter.

What's your diet nemesis? Candy? Chips? Soda? I definitely have an unfortunate sweet tooth.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

Good luck! When you set your mind to something, you achieve it so I know that will be the case for you!

I gave up sweets for Lent so that was a very long 6 weeks for me! I LOVE things like laffy taffy but my favorite treat is macarons. I usually have 2 after I give my injections on Monday nights and I really missed that reward treat during Lent but it's back in full force now.

I would actually say I am more tempted by salty things than sweet things, though. Like cheetos and potato chips and french fries (although I rarely have french fries).

Marlys said...

I, too, gave up sweets for lent and it really helped to curb my tendency to reach into the candy jar at work! I don't keep any at home, but we do have candy at the lake, so it is always a struggle. I, too, crave salty things more than sweets so if I even eat one Cheeto, I'm doomed! It is great to have the support of others to fight the urge! Good Luck! But I truly think you look awesome!

Emilie said...

Sorry for all the comments tonight -- I just found your blog and I'm loving it! I definitely think doing a challenge with at least one other person is SO MUCH EASIER than doing something on your own. Having someone to report to makes a huge difference for me. My diet nemesis is definitely chocolate and carbs. I really need to not keep chocolate in my house because it doesn't last and I just can't seem to view it as a weekly treat rather than a daily one.