Friday, July 11, 2014

New Challenges: Swim Team

As you know, I am training for my 1st 70.3 half Ironman in October. Looking back on my sprint triathlon I did last May, the biggest challenge for me was the open water swim. I just didn't feel like natural in the water.

Which is funny. Because I am "the water girl". I could spend all day in the water. This was the case as a child, and I never really outgrew that.

I have a few friends who are on the Masters Swim team, and have brought me to a few workouts. The aquatic center is right by my house.....

And let me tell you about this Aquatic Center. It is the "Taj Mahal" of swimming pools. Our city spent big bucks to have the best aquatic center in the city (it's one of the best in the state). The water is perfect. Best part? -- surrounded by mountains!

And it's only 4 miles from my house!
So after trying out a few practices, I am hooked! So Monday is my 1st official practice on the Oro Valley Masters' Team: "The Flying Fish".
It's Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 5am-6am. All interval training and drills with very knowledgeable coaches! It is unreal how much these swimming workouts get my heart rate up!
What's the best part?:
The workouts absolutely kick my a$$. However, I get out of that pool - and nothing hurts. There are no blisters on my feet or sore muscles. No overheating. No GI issues. I feel taller, stronger, and just so healthy after swim practice.
Another perk? (this is kind of dorky...)
I'm living a dream that I never got growing up. I was never a jock. Let me repeat. I was never a jock. I hated exercise - because sports made me feel like a slow, awkward, lame goat. But at Masters' swim - I'm not the slow one. And if I am the last to hit the wall? -- My coach just simply gives me advice on what to do next time. (instead of the approach of high school sports, where they humiliate you in front of the group or ignore you because you're not worth their energy)
It's an investment in my health - and I think it will make me a stronger runner!
My joints will thank me when I'm 50.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

That is awesome that you are swimming with this group. I am sure you'll become a stronger swimmer as a result and will feel better about that first leg of the HIM! I have thought about joining a masters swim team as I took swimming in college for a semester and loved the push of having a coached workout. Unfortunately I've never found a group with hours that work with my schedule. :(

That pool is beautiful!

Marlys said...

Wow, that pool is beautiful! I am so in favor of swimming as I know it is kind to your joints and good for your heart & lungs! I have always loved swimming and should just dive in at the lake and swim to my hearts content but hate putting on a suit! Duh! I'm so glad you have a great coach - they are worth their weight in gold! I am surprised at the number of people who become athletes after they graduate from High School as it seems that atmosphere is very intimidating unless you are born a jock! Grrrr! I was so happy when we were done with high school sports with your kids for so many reasons!