Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tire Woes

I've owned my bike for about 1.5 years. I have avoided learning how to change a tire like the plague. My strategy has been, "If I get a flat, I'll just call a friend." or "If I get a flat, I'll just run home (barefoot?)"

The idea of changing the inner tube of a tire just seemed like this impossible feat - and a skill I am not interested in learning.

It all kind of relates to my disdain for the sport of "road biking". In order to go road biking, my routine is:
  • check tires
  • air up tires to 90 psi
  • get my helmet out
  • get my cycling shoes out (which you can only wear cycling - they have funny clips on the bottoms)

  • make sure my "bike bag" is all set with the appropriate tools, tubes, drivers license (in case I get hit by a car and end up in the trauma center & need to be identified.....Just kidding, Mom!)
  • Then I have to load it onto my bike rack.
  • Make sure it's bungee corded down.
  • Drive it to a meeting spot, unload, cycling shoes on......
  • Blah!
If I want to go for a run: Clothes on. Shoes on. Out the door.

If I want to swim: suit on, swim cap, goggles, drive to pool.

But last week, I found a staple in my back tire, and faced reality that "changing a tire" would need to be added to my resume of skills.

I live with a very handy husband, who would be willing to change my tire. However, he was not his helpful, usual self in this situation. He told me, "You need to learn how to do this. I'm not doing it for you." #toughlove

I whimpered a little, making brazen statements such as, "But I'm too pretty change my own tire." or "Lance doesn't have to change his own tires!"

Needless to say 45 minutes I was covered in grease, I had 3 broken nails, but I had a fixed tire!!

Let me just tell you, the French man in my you-tube video must have paused the video and cut out all the grunting, nail-breaking, sweat, and tears. He made it look effortless! And he even kept saying "See? It's simple!"

It was not simple. No passe'. Pulling off the chain from the tire, removing that outer all sucks. But now I know if this were to happen in a race - I wouldn't be utterly screwed!

Or maybe I really am just too pretty to change a tire.


Marlys said...

I am super impressed that you changed that tire! I truly don't believe I will ever try doing that so am proud of you! It was smart of Ryan to force you to do that. Is a car tire on the schedule for you? I have never done that either. I am a wimp and always will be!

Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am impressed you changed the tire on your own, but it's good that you did in case you ever have to do it out on the road or during a race! This is the aspect of owning a bicycle that scares me and keeps me from buying one. I would hate to be stuck far from home with a flat... and it sounds like it is far from easy to fix that issue which makes biking even less appealing to me. :/