Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Career ADD

It's been awhile since this blog has seen any "shop talk". In fact, if you are involved in my day to day life, you would find I don't like to talk about work very much. Is it because I don't like my job? Not at all. I am currently in a state where I'm not excited about it.

I know. "Abby, it's called work for a reason. You're not going to be springing out of bed every single morning singing and dancing in a fit of joy over your job." (I repeat this mantra to myself at least weekly)

Since I've graduated from college, I've tried quite a lot in my career for a nurse my age. I did a short stint in rehabilitation nursing (just to tide me over until the contract with my hospital was official), telemetry nursing, charge nurse, administrative house supervisor, emergency room nurse, travel nurse, and finally case manager. I'm coming up on my "4 year anniversary" as a RN. That's a lot.

Don't worry, my resume isn't that scary. The charge nurse & house sup were done while I was working for telemetry.....I don't jump around that much. I just hop on every single opportunity that presents itself!

When I took this job in case management, my husband made me promise I'd give this position 2 years before I move on. And I'm staying true to that. But over the past month, I've felt myself getting super antsy.

I have no reason to complain. I have an amazing job. Here's why:
  • My hours are pretty dang awesome. Four 10 hours? Piece of cake!
  • One weekend/month?
  • I have flexibility in what time I come in (just have to be there between 8:30-4:30, or I'd have some angry nurses & Dr's)
  • I work for an amazing boss, and the greatest group of nurses and doctors/PA's,/NP's ever!
  • My interaction with the patient is perfect for me. I have met some inspiring, amazing patients who have so much wisdom and life experience to offer. I'm constantly asking my patient's "so what's your secret?" (especially my 100 year olds who are still swimming and living on their own!!!)
  • Case management is one of the few careers in nursing where you truly get "control" in your day.
  • Case management is one of the few careers in nursing where you don't have to wipe butt. (blunt, but true).
So in my attempts to feed my "Career ADD", I have decided to dust off my old scrubs and get back into the ER. Just 1 shift/month for starters. It will be good to keep my skills current, and the extra cash-flow will not hurt, either. More hours worked = more hours PTO accumulated. It's the little things. ;) I miss my "ER Family".

Have you ever had to add something new to your career to keep your excited? Do you have "career ADD"? Or do you like to stay comfortable. I wish I was easier satiated....but it's not who I am.


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I think it's totally normal to have career ADD, especially in your 20s. I moved around quite a bit and jumped on a lot of opportunities in the quest to figure out what made me tick. And then I thought I found my long term home and then life got turned upside down by my move to Charlotte (and other changes at work). Now I'm in a similar role but do not feel very fulfilled so it's back to the drawing board for me. Right now I feel pretty stressed and don't feel much stability so I am trying to figure out what position would challenge me, but not to the extent that I can't sleep well/feel anxious and on the edge all the time... I have a 2 year commitment to my current role so I have some time to think about it but right now I know for certain I could not do this job for the next 30 years as I already feel burned out.

I hope you find something that challenges you and offers you the work/life balance that you value! It's so hard to figure out our careers, I think because we have so many options these days.

Marlys said...

This was so interesting and I hope y ou do find your true niche at work! You surely have tried different paths in nursing! I agree with Lisa that you have so many choices these days compared to my era, so it would be challenging to find the right "place"! Did I find my niche? That is a long story and one I may never figure out!