Friday, June 10, 2016

The "Scoop": We aren't moving back to the Midwest

I think most anyone that reads my blog is well aware of this information, but I feel it's time to put it all into writing.

In fact, when I am get to play "99 questions" about this and all the details from acquaintances ...maybe I should just give them the url to this post.

Back in August of 2015, Ryan decided to pursue his childhood dream to become an F16 pilot. He made many decisions in his life to pursue this: worked as an Avionics technician, got his Electrical Engineering Degree, got his private pilot licence, followed the F-16 jets from Fargo to Tucson that he was maintaining.

Then we sat down, and picked out the locations we could move to. And he interviewed all over last fall. And guess what? He got the job!! And it wasn't any job. It was an F16 slot in Sioux Falls, South Dakota!!! 3-4 hours from my family and 3-4 hours from his Nebraska family.

Do you ever make the "best decision of your life", and then get underwhelmed by it? Maybe feel like something just isn't right? So you glaze over your worries/concerns, and just focus on the positives?

I'm not going to elaborate on all the details, but I'm just going to say that we had all these little "road blocks" popping up in getting to South Dakota.

But we pressed on, because this was our plan. We sold our house. Relocated our dog (since we would be moving every few months for a few years). I changed jobs. We moved into a temporary apartment.

The road blocks persisted. And one Tuesday morning in March, I was working and Ryan was getting ready for work and he called from the other room, "Do you like Tucson? Are you at all unhappy about leaving?"

And I just about started crying. And I'm not a crier.

They were tears of sadness. They were tears of relief. Suddenly this place that I was willing to do anything to get away from was the place I wanted to be.

Do I miss my family? Terribly. Do I wish a flight to MSP was cheaper and shorter? Of course.

But I really feel like I've found who I am in the Southwest. I love being surrounded by mountains. I love the 360 days/year of sunshine. I love that I can exercise and be outdoors year round (despite the hot summer...but it's do-able at 5 am). I've met some of the best friends I've ever had here - with our similar interests and passions. And Tucson has the perfect vibe - it feels small, it's kind of quirky, and it's absolutely stunningly beautiful.

Ryan had some new opportunities present themselves with his career. And together we made the decision to stay Arizonans. We feel at peace with our decision.

This was not an easy decision to make for both Ryan and I. My heart broke telling my family we aren't moving. But sometimes: your dreams change. And there will always be a plane trip home.

We were supposed to be moving to Del Rio, TX this week. Instead we are buying furniture and preparing to move into our new home. But guess what? We also have a trip back to MN planned in less than a month! Always a silver lining.....


Lisa from Lisa's Yarns said...

I am glad you feel such peace about your decision! We are sad you won't be close but understand you have to do what is best for you guys. It would have been awesome to have you closer but I think it would have been tough to be as happy in Sioux Falls as you are in Tucson. Location really does matter. You won't be a 3-4 hour drive away but you will still be a 3ish hour flight away. I know it's expensive and you won't get home as often but you'll make it work.

I'm happy for you guys!!

Marlys said...

This is a great post! Yes, we are all sad you aren't moving closer to "us", but am glad you both are in agreement that Tucson is where you want to live. It is a great place to visit so that is frosting on the cake! Follow your hearts, not ours! We're happy that you are happy!

Amber said...

That is great you guys are so happy and at peace with your decision! When we made our recent decision to move closer to family it was 90% because of job opportunities and not necessarily the proximity to family, however we did leave my mom behind in the city we left and that was SUCH A HARD decision to make. One of my good friends really made me feel better when she said "one day you will have to make decisions on where you live based on your parents, when you're in your late twenties that is not the time to do it" SO TRUE. There is lots of time for us to move back closer to my mom and lots of time for you guys to move closer to your family! We're all young! That's what I keep telling myself anyways!